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Prayer of Transformation: Honoring the Earth Mother

This was a prayer used during a Beltane ritual about transformation.  This particular prayer was in honor of the Earth Mother.

Sacred earth
Mother to us all
You teach us the beauty in the ways of transformation
Each day we can observe and learn something new thanks to you, for you are constantly changing.

A Prayer for Ferguson and After

I call for nine blessings on the nations of America.
On the transplanted, on the remnant, on the deep-rooted,
on men and women and every child let there be nine blessings.

A Prayer for all Those Who Died Because They Were Black in America.

My voice in prayer is raised this day.
Ragged words spun into the tangled thread of history and pain.
Fear rides Blackness like a cancer caused by Whiteness
And I can only assume my complicit action unseen by my own eye.
This is a false dichotomy more dangerous than many;
Decartes’ divide of mind and body doesn’t bring Death’s implacable grasp.


2018 Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, Inc.

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