#Renewal & Compassionate ##RENEW OR RECIEVE A HARDSHIP We'd love to have you back, the things you love about ADF are made great because of your influence. Come help us create our own druidry. If you've avoided renewing or joining due to financial reasons, we've got you covered. Membership includes all the tools you need to start your own Grove. We've recently developed a Hearthkeeper's Way which bridges the gap between lay pagan and dedicant. Our devotional experience based polytheism can be practiced with a grove, or alone wherever you live.


Renewing your membership is easy. Retain your votes, keep your grove status, keep whipping out your membership card, whatever being a member means to you.
New and existing ADF members with financial hardship may apply to be granted a new or renewal ADF membership.
#New Membership ##WHAT WE OFFER We provide fellowship, extensive training and support, public rites in many cities, resources for solitaries, and a hospitable reception. Joining ADF means joining a large national community of people who study and practice Indo-European Polytheist Religion and magic.

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