Special Update from the ADF Mother Grove:

The Mother Grove of ADF condemns the heinous terror attacks against two Muslim worship centers in Christchurch, New Zealand. Houses of worship are especially sacred and those who gather there do so in the expectation of safety as they worship or practice.

The criminal that carried out these attacks mentioned Valhalla. Valhalla is a place for heroes. The perpetrator of these crimes is not a hero, but a villain of the worst kind. The death of innocent worshipers is truly unspeakable. The death of innocents affects worshippers everywhere.

Our hearts, prayers, and hopes go out to the victims and their families in this senseless and hateful act. May we pray to our Gods and Kindreds for their memories and for the healing of the wounds of the injured and the grieving of their families.

 - ADF Mother Grove -

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Welcome! Greetings in the bounty of the Earth Mother, the blessings of the Gods, and the Way of the Wise.

Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) is a Pagan church based on ancient Indo-European traditions expressed through public worship, study, and fellowship.

Our vision is that the Gods and Spirits are served in the modern world through:

  • Public temple worship with a skilled priesthood
  • Accessible religious training for all
  • A spiritual relationship with the Earth
  • Sustainable Pagan institutions
  • A flourishing family and community Pagan culture

We value:

  • Commonality of ritual practice
  • Honoring the Earth Mother
  • Scholarship and research
  • Reciprocity with the Gods and Spirits
  • Respect for others through living our virtues
  • Service to the community, land, and the Gods and Spirits

We've been going strong for 35 years, so take a look at what we've been doing for so long and consider joining us on our path!

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