Gatherings of ADF Folk and Neopagans

Below are Neopagan gatherings we host or have a presence at. Most events happen at the same time every year, so contact the event organizers for upcoming dates if a past event interests you.

Festivals are listed below. Please see the full calendar for rituals and other events

Future Festivals

  • Summerland Festival
    • Starts: 15 August, 2024
    • Ends: 18 August, 2024
    • Location: 4-H Camp Clifton Inc, 2256 Clifton Rd, Yellow Springs, OH 45387, USA
    • Details:

Festivals in the last year

  • ADF Festival: Eight Winds
    • Started: 13 October, 2023
    • Ended: 16 October, 2023
    • Location: Clear Lake, CA
    • Details:

      *Eight Winds is family friendly!*
      Children and Elders are welcome and encouraged. There will be people that
      are solo, but most attendees will be part of family groups. The more we
      know kids will be there, the more there will be kids program activities.

      *Eight Winds is inclusive and accessible!*
      Our ADF practices are Eurocentric, but that is a path and not a gate. All
      are welcome without regard to color, gender, ethnicity, or ability.

      *Eight Winds is an explicit consent environment!*
      We don't touch each other without clear, enthusiastic consent at every
      level of interaction.

      Join us for a weekend of community, learning, creativity and connecting
      with the outdoors. This event is open to all Druid, Heathen, Pagan and
      other open-minded guests.  We hope we'll see you there!
  • Summerland (ADF Festival)
  • Three Rivers Festival (ADF Festival)
  • Wellspring Gathering (ADF Festival)

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