Gatherings of ADF Folk and Neopagans

Below are Neopagan gatherings we host or have a presence at. Most events happen at the same time every year, so contact the event organizers for upcoming dates if a past event interests you.

Festivals are listed below. Please see the full calendar for rituals and other events

Future Festivals

    Festivals in the last year

    • Paganicon (Pan-Pagan Festival)
      • Starts: 4 September, 2020
      • Ends: 7 September, 2020
      • Location: Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West, 3131 Campus Dr, Plymouth, MN 55441, USA
      • Details:
    • Wellspring (ADF Festival)
    • Summerland Online (ADF Festival)

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    • ADF Festivals and Festivals with a strong ADF presence
    • Pan-Pagan festivals
    • Online and in-person rituals that are public or ADF wide rituals

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