Compassionate Membership

Compassionate Membership New and existing ADF members with financial hardship may apply to be granted one year of a new or renewal ADF membership, with a limit of three consecutive years of such compassionate membership per member. Successive years after the first require documentation of a minimum of four hours pre-approved community service. If granted, your new or renewal compassionate membership will be processed immediately as long as we have funds available in our compassionate membership fund, otherwise your compassionate membership will be queued until such funds are available. To apply for a new or renewal compassionate membership, contact the ADF Members Advocate ( detailing your hardship. The Members Advocate will present your application to the ADF Executive Committee for a vote, and will then notify you of the results. To donate to the Compassionate Membership Fund and help current and prospective ADF members in hardship to be part of our Fellowship, please see the donations section (thanks!).

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