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Donation Funds

Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) is an international Neopagan church devoted to creating a public tradition of Druidry. Our members are attempting to revive the best aspects of the Paleopagan faiths of our ancestors within a modern spiritual, scientific, artistic, ecological, and holistic context. Our Motto: Why not excellence?

The following describes the different "funds" or "targets" you specify a donation to be directed toward. You can donate to ADF when you join, renew, or at any other time you like. Thank you for helping us make the Vision of Our Druidry a reality!

Note: ADF is a 501(c)3 religious organization, so your greatly appreciated donation will be tax-deductible in the U.S. If you plan to claim such a deduction, please save your receipt of the donation.

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Land Fund | Military Comradeship | Prison Ministry 


ADF Cares

An ongoing project for assisting those of natural disasters. In 2005, $500 was raised and donated to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.

Building Fund

Capital for designated projects to assist in the advancement of ADF. (A possible example is a museum shop at Brushwood Folklore Center, approved in 2008).

Campaign Funds

This is an effort to raise funds to supplement the operating budget with targeted donations and avoid increasing membership fees or reducing services.

  • Archdruid Travel Fund – this fund is to assist in covering the time and effort spent as ADF's Religious Leader and for travel expenses.
  • Clergy Travel Fund – this fund is to assist in the travel expense for our clergy members to visit solitaries and groves, and to attend organized retreats by the Clergy Council.
  • Regional Druid Travel Fund – this fund is to assist in the travel expenses for Regional Druids to attend the annual meeting and visiting groves and meetings in their respective regions.

Compassionate Membership

This fund allows ADF to grant membership to individuals who are financially-challenged so severely that they cannot afford membership, but who feel the call of Our Druidry in their hearts and souls and request that we consider gifting them with a year of membership. If the Mother Grove determines that they are indeed unable to afford membership on their own, ADF will draw from the Compassionate Membership fund if possible in order to provide it to them for free.

General Fund

This fund allows us to direct the funds where they are most needed and is thus where we would greatly prefer all donations to go. However, if you want your funds directed to a particular purpose instead, that's fine too—every little bit helps!

These are only suggestions, members may be compelled to send in a donation towards the annual list fee for a guild or kin; they may want to donate to make the Yule card to members an annual thing; or just for an as needed by the organization.

Land Fund

This is a collection of donations our members have contributed toward the dream of one day purchasing land for the members of ADF to hold rituals, build shrines to the Gods and spirits, and work and play together as we bring the Vision of Our Druidry to fruition for ourselves and our children. ADF currently uses whatever spaces we are able to rent or use from others, but it would be even better to someday own our own land dedicated 100% to the work of our Druidry in honoring the gods, ancestors, and spirits of nature.

Military Comradeship

Supplying deployed military personnel with 'pagan care packages' (ritual supplies, books, CD, etc).

Prison Ministry

Project for supplying spiritual materials and books for incarcerated pagans.

Thank you for you consideration in supporting the vision of ADF.