Prayer of Transformation: Honoring the Earth Mother

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Prayer of Transformation: Honoring the Earth Mother

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Prayer of Transformation: Honoring the Earth Mother

This was a prayer used during a Beltane ritual about transformation.  This particular prayer was in honor of the Earth Mother.

Sacred earth
Mother to us all
You teach us the beauty in the ways of transformation
Each day we can observe and learn something new thanks to you, for you are constantly changing.

From your deep slumbering winter, to your fragrant and fertile spring we see before us, your cool rains in the heat of summer, your rich decay but decadent bounty in the heart of autumn, only to succumb to the cold sleep once again, with each transformation, you continue on.

Though your harsh winds, thundering storms, raging waters, purifying fires that sweep across open prairies and all that would destroy our complacency with transformation, you continue on.

Even through the destruction that your children place upon you with our chemicals, genetically modified foods, pointless or unethical slaughters, deforestation, and worse yet nuclear and biological destruction in order to destroy one another, even through all of that, you continue on.

May we learn through your tenacity to think before acting, keep compassion in our hearts, walk softly with our brothers and sisters, and always strive to protect you and continue on.

Earth mother, we love and honor you.

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