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Successful Pastoral Counseling Encounter

When it comes to being in a religious leadership position, clergy or other roles we are often called upon to help members of the folk, congregation, church or community. While not all of us are skilled and trained in counseling and mental health, I wanted to talk about what makes a successfully pastoral counseling encounter. This is geared toward those helping but could just as easily be looked upon by others in terms of what to expect when asking for help.

A Setting Sun

A Setting Sun

I watched the sun setting tonight, deep and red, a sign of things passing and the long quiet road to the West. We look to the Sun as a guidepost: the morning Sun is new and hopeful; the evening Sun is mournful and passing. I felt that passing tonight.

Clergy Renewal

Clergy Credential Renewals will be coming up very soon. Please keep the following information in mind when completing your renewal documents - this is what an ADF Priest should be doing today:

The role of the Priest in ADF is tied strongly to the roles of the Clergy Council. Paraphrased from the CC Bylaws, those roles are:

Inclusiveness of ADF

When I first joined ADF some 16 years ago, something that set them apart from other Pagan movements at the time was the emphasis on openness and inclusiveness. Most of the groups I had encountered at the time required very specific beliefs, by very specific people and were secretive, by invitation only. Things have changed today as we certainly have far more public groups around but the culture of inclusiveness is still what draws me to ADF as a church.

Veteran's Day

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918, an armistice was signed ending the war to end all wars, the Great War, what is now known as World War One.  Since then, we have had more wars, and have more veterans of military service.  The day was renamed in 1954 here in the US to Veterans Day.
Today is a day to set aside our personal feelings about war, and about the military.  It is not about us, but about recognizing those that have selflessly served our country, for that service is surely a sacrifice that they have made.

The Value of Watching

A Blessing of Forgetfulness

"We always light the HearthMother's lamp while cooking."


This familiar phrase, shared with many of our guests when they inquire about our practice of having a small oil lamp burning on the back of our stovetop, isn't always true. Many times, absolutes like 'always' and 'never' aren't accurate. Sometimes being human means forgetting things, and tonight was one of those times.


Gods be praised.


Muin As Prophecy

Muin As Prophecy

Muin as prophecy;

Straight as an arrow

Or spear,

A trunk stands tall.

One branch raised

To the sky,

To the Shining Ones, portend;

One branch lowered

To the depths,

To the Ancestors, as consul;

One trunk solid,

As a foundation,

As a bridge.

As the Sun rises,

I hold myself in this position,

Imprinted on the sky,

Standing on the land,

Shadowed on the ground:

What will this day bring?

Reflections from the Mother Grove Retreat

March 22, 2015

I write this after arriving home safe from the ADF Mother Grove retreat, in Chicago. Air travel was easy, and Kirk ran all the arrangements and organizing like a boss.


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