Clergy Council Activities - Vernal Season 2018

Clergy Council Activities - Vernal Season 2018

Clergy Council Activities - Vernal Season 2018

Vernal Greetings!

The Clergy Council has been busy this season so far.

Two new Priests will be ordained, based upon Clergy Council votes this season. Rev. Lauren Mart and Rev. Chelly Couvrette are now members of the Clergy Council and will be ordained in April and May, respectively. We look forward to their presence in our ranks.

Three committees have been formed in the Clergy Council to address existing needs:

Group Protection Work

Inter-Group Communications with Hospitality and Frith

Self-Evaluation and Reflection work

I have put forth a proposal/challenge to the Clergy Council to put together four books of prayers for ADF and beyond, to be submitted to ADF Publishing for consideration: A Book of Beginnings; A Book of Endings; A Book of Unions; and A Book of Dissolutions. These will provide prayers for these occasions that the Folk, Priests, and others can use in these times of Change in people's lives.

Rev. Amber Doty has continued to put together Seasonal Videos to be shared on YouTube. This is a great outreach tool for our members and for others attracted to Druidry.

Zoom Sessions for Clergy Council discussions have continued to be a way for Clergy to share thoughts and ideas.

The Clergy Council Officers are voting on a Proposal for a 3rd Circle Sigil. I expect the vote to conclude before Beltaine.

The Clergy Council Officers are also discussing a proposal to perform Background Checks on Candidates who apply to enter the Clergy Training Program after completing the Pre-CTP.

I have also presented a proposal to the Clergy Council Officers to have 2nd and 3rd Circle priests act as mentors to new, incoming Priests. I think this will help new priests ease into the Council in general.

This is the first in a series of seasonal, Clergy Council Blogposts. A suggestion was recently made to have this blog used more actively, and I support that proposal.



Mid-Vernal Season 2018

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