A Prayer for the New Year - January 1, 2015

Since endings and new beginnings flow together as the old year ends and a new one takes its place,

we call to the Spirits that we hold dear, and to the Divine within ourselves.


Fill us with gratitude for the blessings we have received, since gratitude improves all lives.

Help us learn from our mistakes and not be blind to how our deeds impact the world. Self-knowledge leads us to forgive, both others and ourselves.

Grant us compassion for both our fellow creatures and for each other, and may we live in harmony and peace.

Compassion helps us know that we are all in this together - when one is hurt, no one is safe.

Let us give to others that they may give to us, and not be stingy with our humanity. For the ties that bind us all together are the ties that hold us up.

And may the coming year bring health, wealth, and happiness to us all!

So be it.

Author Information

Rev. Kirk Thomas

Articles by Rev. Kirk Thomas

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