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A Druid Dialog: What is ADF?

Taken at the Wellspring Festival in 2010, former ADF Archdruids talk about what our church is to them. Speaking are Rev. Kirk Thomas, Rev. Robert "Skip" Ellison, and Rev. Jeff Wyndham (Ian Corrigan).

Concerning Druidic Sigils and the Talismanic Art

An important and ancient portion of the magical art is the making of signs of power, and their use in consecrating objects of power.

Concerning the Taking of Omens

(Note: This article is an excerpt, copied with permission, from the author's book Sacred Fire, Holy Well.)

Divination for Public Ritual

As we all know, ADF is committed to public ritual. That commitment impels us to consider how we may best serve the community. As Chief of the Seers Guild, I presented a workshop on Divination in public ritual at Desert Magic Festival.

Establishing ADF's Initiatory Current

The Archdruids meditate
before the ritual

Gaulish Prayers and Devotionals

Collection of various prayers and devotionals towards Gaulish gods and goddesses.  Any prayers that come in multiple languages will indicate that they do.

Gaulish Ritual Primer: Gods, Spirits, and Festivals

The following information is a basic primer to get people started with Gaulish Polytheism within ADF.  As time goes on, we will modify and add to this information as our Hearths grow and develop.

Déví Nemetoni: The Gods of the Grove

Gaulish Rituals

Gaulish focused rituals from various ADF members

Ivostoves: Gaulish Holidays within ADF

By Trebomâros Auigani


Liturgy and Rituals

Honoring the Gods, the Nature Spirits, and our Ancestors.

The New and Deluxe Sassafras Bilé

This year at Imbolc we consecrated our new Bilé. As the maker of it, I thought I might offer some explanation of the symbols and inscriptions that went into it. Our previous Bilé was made by Earrach, our Senior Druid.

Working Magic with the Two Powers

(Note: This is a transcription of a workshop given at Wellspring in 2005)

Working Our Druidry

The following articles have to do with the practical work of Our Druidry:

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