ADF Founder's Awards

ADF Founder's Awards

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In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast of the US, Archdruid Emeritus Rev. Isaac Bonewits, the founder of ADF, pledged to recognize the Groves, Guilds, SIGs, or other ADF subgroups that provided relief for the disaster. At Wellspring in 2006, Isaac presented the first awards. He wrote:

"As some of you may recall, last fall I promised to come up with prizes for the grove, guild, SIG, or other subgroup of ADF who helped the most with Hurricane Katrina relief. After Adr. Skip Ellison emailed me the results of the ADF Cares campaign, I found that I couldn't limit myself to just one award.

So at the end of the annual meeting at Wellspring this year, I was privileged to present the first three Founder's Awards for exceptional public service in 2005, all for Hurricane Katrina relief.

I always felt that public service lies near the core of who we are as Neopagan Druids. So I hope to make the Founder's Awards an annual event. I would like to ask the Councils for Senior Druids, Guilds, and SIGs to make recommendations to me every January or February for one-to-three groups they consider to have performed exceptional actions of public service (ie, to the general public) during the preceding year."

These awards have been given out annually since that Wellspring, recognizing those groups within ADF that do the most for community service throughout the year. Here are the winners, by year:


  • Three Cranes Grove, ADF, for its food drives and other charitable activities
  • Raven's Cry Grove, ADF, for its support of homeless women and children
  • Grove of the Red Earth, ADF, for its support of veterans and servicemembers


  • Enchanted Desert Protogrove, ADF, for its food drives and highway clean-ups
  • Grove of the Other Gods, ADF, for its educational and charitable activities
  • Clan of the Triple Horses Grove, ADF, for its animal welfare activities


  • Awen's Breath Protogrove ADF (Hollywood, CA), for the largest financial donation of any A.D.F. group (let's hear it for matching corporate donation programs!)
  • CedarLight Grove ADF (Baltimore, MD), for volunteer labor and financial donations
  • Three Cranes Grove ADF (Columbus, OH), for food and blood donations