Child Blessing

Child Blessing

Performed for Aiden Taylor Sowell on April 6, 2004
Written by Aesa, adapted from Ian Corrigan's Rite of Offering

Priest: "We have come to honor the Gods of our Ancestors. Bless us, Shining Ones, in our work."

The mother of the child offers corn meal and lavender to the Offering Bowl: "Earth Mother, your Children call to you. Accept our offering, made freely and with love. Uphold us in our work."

Silver is offered to the Well: "In the deep flow the Waters of Wisdom. Sacred Waters, flow within us"

All repeat, "Sacred Water, flow within us!"

Oil is offered to the Fire: "Bright burn the Fires of Inspiration. Sacred Fire, burn within us!"

All repeat, "Sacred Fire, burn within us!"

The Tree is sprinkled with water or oil: "From the realms below to the soaring realms above groms the World Tree. Sacred Tree, grow within us!"

All repeat, "Sacred Tree, grow within us!"

The father of the child makes offering to the Outsiders, taking small cup of ale out of the ritual space:

"Dark and twisted, wights unhallowed, you who dwell beyond our stead—Who look with mailce and with spite upon the work we do. You walk ways shunned by us, and yet we call you kin to selfishness and thoughtlessness and all those parts of man that are less noble and are small and keep us in the dark. To you we make this offering, and at the same time set aside our thoughtlessness and our distractions for the duration of this Rite."

"The Fire, the Well, the Sacred Tree
Flow and Flame and Grow in me!
In Land, Sea and Sky, Below as on high!
Thus is our Grove claimed and Hallowed!"

An offering oil is made to the Fire: "Keeper of the Gates! Mix your magic with ours to let the Well open as a Gate, let the Fire open as a Gate, let the Tree open as the Road between all the Worlds. Let the Gates be open!"

All repeat, "Let the Gates be open!"

The horn is filled with ale.

Priest: "We honor our Kindred. Ancestors, remember us as we rememebr you! Ancestors, accept our sacrifice!" ale is poured in Well. "Spirits of Nature and of this place, aid us as we aid you! Spirits of Nature, accept our sacrifice!" ale is poured to the Tree. "Gods and Goddesses of the folk, honor us as we honor you! Shining Ones, accept our sacrifie!" ale is poured to the Fire.

The Grove Patrons, Medb and Lugh are called and offered ale. The Parents then offer their own prayers to the Patrons as the priest lights a white candle in honor of the child.

The Blessing: The priest fills horn with ale, saying, "I pour the ale of inspiriation. We call on Lugh and Medb, share this horn with us, drink deep and fill our ale with your blessings" Horn is then passed among folk.

Child is handed to the priest:

"Bright Lugh, you who fought for your very birthright. Let __(child's name)__ be shielded and protected by your arms. Let his name be known to all those of worthy heart and noble spirit. Let him walk a path of honor!"

"Mighty Medb, you who grant sovereignty, hold __(child's name)__ in your lap and crown him with your glory. Share with him your cup of kingship and guide him down the path of honor!"

The child is annointed by the blessed ale, "Behold __(child's name)__, Blessed of the Gods!"

Priest: "Bright Lugh, Mighty Medb, for your blessings and your wisdom, we thank you; Hail and farewell! Shining Ones, Hail and farewell! Ancestors, Hail and farewell! Spirits of this Place, thank you for sharing your realm with us, Hail and thanks! Keeper of the Gates, once more share your magic with us, let the Gates be closed!"


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