Rite of Offering

Rite of Offering

This ritual can be performed at a home hearth shrine or in a larger Nemeton with a minimum of tools or preparations. It is especially good for solitary work, or for very small groups.

When any offering is made, it must have a clear intention, for spiritual wisdom, guidance in one's life's path, to open the way to prosperity or love or simply to honor the Powers. The focus of a rite can be toward a specific, personal goal or for general religious or spiritual purposes.

This rite is especially proper for the worship of the Patron Deities of one's household, but it may be used to entreat any of the Three Kindreds - Gods and Godesses, Dead or Sidhe. It can also be used as a preliminary rite in which the Priest/ess makes offering to those Powers that will preside at a larger work.

The Rite

Things you will need

    Fire-pot or candle and censer with incense
    Cauldron with blessed water
    Offering bowl
    Altar-tree symbol, wand or staff as Bile
    Images of Patron powers(can be used with or instead of Bile )
    Horn for pouring and drinking
    An offering bowl if the rite is indoors
    Offerings: corn meal, silver, olive oil (or essential oil), ale for pouring and drinking

1: Ground and center.

Use any method that works for you

2: Give nine knells or knocks saying:

    I am here to honor the Gods. Bless me, O SHINING ONES, in my working.

3: Earth-stone is placed in the Offering Bowl.

A pinch of corn meal is offered in the Bowl, saying:

    EARTH MOTHER, I am your child. Accept this offering .....Uphold and bless my rite.

4: Silver is offered into the Cauldron, saying:

    In the deeps flow the waters of wisdom. SACRED WELL, flow within me.

5: Fire (and incense) is lit and an offering of oil is made, saying:

    I kindle the sacred fire in wisdom, love and power. SACRED FIRE, burn within me.

6: World-tree, Wand and self is sprinkled and censed, saying:

    From the deeps to the heights spans the World Tree. SACRED TREE, grow within me.

7: All is sprinkled and censed, saying:

    By the cleansing of water and fire let all ill turn away from me and mine.

8: Outdwellers:

A bit of ale is poured to the south of the Fire, saying:

    All you of the outer dark,
    Any who abide beyond the light of this work's fire,
    Accept this offering and trouble not my working.

9: Priest/ess contemplates the Three Worlds and the Grove, saying:

    The Fire, The Well, The Sacred Tree,
    Flow and Flame and Grow in me!
    In Land, Sea and Sky Below and on high!
    Thus is the Sacred Grove claimed and hallowed.
    So be it!

10: Statement of purpose:

    I have come to do as the wise ancients did. To make offering to the Powers and to (state purpose). So be it!

11: Oil is offered to the Fire, saying:

    I make offering to the Keeper of the Gates. Join your magic with mine and let the Fire open as a Gate, let the Well open as a Gate, let the Tree carry the Spirits to my sacrifice. By this offering and by my Magic, Let the Gates be OPEN!

12: Offering is made to the Kindreds:

The Horn is filled and elevated, saying:

Hear your true worshipper (your name) As I make due sacrifice. Old Ones, my Ancestors, Remember me as I remember you!

ANCESTORS, accept my sacrifice! (a quarter of the ale is poured into the bowl) Spirits of this land Aid me as I aid you!

SPIRITS accept my sacrifice! (a quarter of the ale is poured into the bowl) GODS and GODDESSES of elder days Honor me as I honor you!

SHINING ONES, accept my sacrifice! (a quarter of the ale is poured and the Horn set aside.)

Gods and Dead and Mighty Sidhe,
Powers of earth and sky and sea,
By fire and well and sacred tree,
Offering I make to ye!
So be it!

    I make my offering to the Kindreds of the Worlds to those who dwell below to those who dwell above to the tribes of Spirits In Land or Sea or Sky

13: Offerings are made to the Patron Powers of the rite

As explained in the liturgical notes.

14: Prayer of Sacrifice:

As the last of the ale is spilled and an offering of oil is given to the Fire, a heart-felt prayer is spoken asking the Spirits, especially the Patrons of the Rite, to grant the boon. It might include:

    Let my voice arise on the Flame... Let my voice resound in the Well.... O HONORED ONES (insert names of the Patrons) Hear me now as I offer up this sacrifce. Accept my worship and reverence. Grant (state purpose) and give me your blessing!

15: The Omen:

The Offerer meditates on the Patrons and on the intention of the rite, then casts a simple omen using runes or another divination system. The offerer meditates on the omen, seeking to understand what blessings the Powers offer in return for the Sacrifice. S/he composes all this - the image, the intention, the omen - into a single gestalt of energy.

16: The Blessing:

The Horn is refilled and the offerer breathes the combined current into the drink saying:

    I pour the ale of inspiration, I draw water from the Well of Wisdom. I call upon (Patron Powers) To give to me as I have given to you. O (lord), O (lady), hallow these waters, I open my heart to the flow of your blessing; I, your child and worshipper. Behold the Waters of Life!

(The offerer reverently drinks the ale, perhaps sprinkling any object to be consecrated in the work. She meditates on the influx of magical current.)

17: The Work:

Any remaining work - spells, etc. in pursuit of the intention, is now completed.

18: Closing:

When all is done, the offerer gives thanks, saying:

GODS, DEAD and SIDHE: I thank you for upholding my Magic. Lord of the Gates, Lord of Knowledge, I give you my Thanks! Now let the Gates of the Worlds be CLOSED!

    SHINING ONES..... MIGHTY DEAD..... NOBLE ONES, I thank you for your aid and blessing. (Patron Powers), I give you my Thanks!

Offerer makes a closing triskel, then recenters and contemplates the entire working and ends, saying:

The Fire, the Well and the Tree,
Flow and Flame and Grow in me!
Peace and Blessings.


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