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A Possible Tale of Cosmic Origins

Before all there was the Frost
Wide and Deep, without end
Undifferentiated - the Chaos
Deep That frost was a Goddess
Domnu was her name, and she slept.
Into her sleep crept a dream,
A fleeting thought, a sudden spark


(Originally published in Oak Leaves #2)

Maypole, flowers, Queen of the May
dance for us, dance for us, dance for the day

Weave ribbons and roses and daisies galore
round staffs, and young heads, then cover the floor.

Borrowed For a Time

(Originally published in Oak Leaves #2)


She who brings forth water,
she who feeds the fire,
helps them live together,

Better than live together.
What is water in fire
or fire in water but us?

Each living cell a drop of water
burning inside, as do we all,

Green Child

(Originally published in Oak Leaves #2)

Our Poetry

The following poems were, like many of our creative works, inspired by our connection with the Gods, Ancestors, and Nature Spirits.

Poetic License

Summer Storm
By: Phoenix, Mugwort Grove

The Death Song

(Originally published in Druid's Progress 11;
Repaganized from the Carmina Gadelica)

The Eve Before Yuletide

Author's note: Although technically a piece of satiric poetry, this was originally submitted as part of my storytelling work. Since I am now working on a Rindile (Satirist) concentration, too, I intend to re-submit it as such. Who knows?

The Field of Heroes

(Originally published in Oak Leaves #2)

by Richard MacKelley

The Queen Of Ravens walked with me
and showed me all that I might be
when I was slain She took me home
to rise again to flesh and bone.

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