The Field of Heroes

The Field of Heroes

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(Originally published in Oak Leaves #2)

by Richard MacKelley

The Queen Of Ravens walked with me
and showed me all that I might be
when I was slain She took me home
to rise again to flesh and bone.

The Queen of Battle sang with me
underneath the Sacred Tree;
told me the tale of my fate
that would come to me soon or late.

On the Field Of Heroes
She reaped the fallen like the grain
we sojourned in the Summerland
'til Aine sent us back again.

Nemain, Badb, Queen of Night,
beyond the veil She gave me sight;
the endless source of many lives
the raven taking as she gives.

In a dream I saw Her face;
I fell before Her awful grace -
reborn again as I woke
Her terrible beauty made me shake.

In a dream She took my heart
Consumed it in Her sacred fire;
to see again the burning stars
in Her eyes is my one desire.

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