More Details on Our Training Systems

More Details on Our Training Systems

Due to a restructuring of ADF's Study Programs that took place in early 2003, ADF now has several components of its training programs, consisting of the following four categories of study:

  1. The Dedicant Path is the foundational spiritual and intellectual first step in making "Our Own Druidry" one's personal path. Completion of the Dedicant Path is a prerequisite for entrance into any of the other ADF's Study Programs. New members receive the Dedicant Path Manual when they join ADF.
  2. The Generalist Study Program is designed to help deepen one's understanding of ADF Druidry. Generalist students will develop core intellectual skills and knowledge valuable to all individuals pursuing a druidic path, and everyone is encouraged to pursue all or most of these areas of study once they have completed the Dedicant Path.
  3. Guild training programs are designed by ADF Guilds to meet their members' special interests and needs. Currently there are eight Guilds -- Artisans, Bards, Brewers, Liturgists, Magicians, Naturalist, Scholars and Warriors Guilds -- with approved study programs accepting students, and the other Guilds are developing programs for approval. For more information on approved study programs, see our Guild Training page
  4. The Clergy Training Program is being designed and administered by the Clergy Council of ADF, with the goal of producing fully trained, ordainable ADF Clergy.
  5. The Initiate's Program was developed and designed to bridge the gap between the Dedicant Path and the Clergy Training Program. It was opened for students in late 2006. To read about the Initiatory Current, how it was started, and who started it, see "Establishing ADF's Initiatory Current"

When a student begins work in a study program other than the Dedicant Path, that student must be a current ADF member, needs to notify the person in charge of that study program, and arrange to pay any fees assessed by the guild or responsible entity. The ADF Preceptor, Guild Preceptor or Clergy Council Preceptor is responsible for verifying the status of each student's membership and completion of the Dedicant Path.


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