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I came to ADF after about five years of searching for a place where I could learn about spirituality and how my ancestors lived and worshipped. I basically wanted a place where I could learn—I was so tired of reading books where authors would differ on the same subject, and when I would ask others that had been following the path longer than I about the differences, I was always told, "It's however you feel it should be." I found in ADF a road map, if you will, of how to go about learning what I needed and wanted to learn.

I was very concerned that what I wrote would not be what someone thought it should be, but this was not the case. I joined ADF in 1999 and one year later had finished my Dedicant's Program and ever since that time I have been very much into learning and spirituality—I just can't seem to get enough. I felt greatest pride when I wrote my Dedicant's Ritual; even though all of it was not mine, this paved the way for me to delve into writing other rituals.

After finishing the Dedicant's Program, I felt the urge to promote it to others. I cannot emphasize enough how much finishing the program has aided me in my knowledge and spirituality. I really don't think people realize how much it will change them, and there is no easy way to convince them. When I would hear some say, "Why should I have to write it down?" or, "Well, I could just say I read the book, who would know?", this would frustrate me to no end. I now realize that there is no way for me to make people start or finish the Dedicant Program. I'm just happy that I have taken that first step, and boy has it opened a lot of doors into knowledge and spirituality for me.

I still cannot emphasize enough the Dedicant's Program is great! I'm very happy to be a part of this wonderful group of people and look forward to more learning and growing.

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