D2: Well do we know you Wanderer dark
Ancestor old of Ase and man.
First of our kin come within the garth's walls!

The folk chant Hail all the Gods.

While the omen is being taken the folk will quietly chant Come Druids All.

The diviner reveals the omen.

D1 prepares a plate of offering for the kindreds

D1 prepares a plate for one of the children saying: The children must come first for they are the future which gives our past meaning.

D6 (oldest child) says: As first among the children I thank you. We will work to be worthy to carry on the traditions.

D1 says: Let the meal begin.

All say: So be it.

As each leave the ritual after the evening is over he/she should stop at the alter and make their farewells to the kindreds.

The kindreds will be thanked and the gates closed after all or most leave for the night.


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