Grove of the Midnight Sun Yule Rite - 1999

Grove of the Midnight Sun Yule Rite - 1999

Being one with Nerthus (our Earth Mother) is always the focus of our rite. At Yule we not only honor our connection with Her through the traditions of our Ancestors but we acknowledge all four seasons. The Yule ritual lasts for 24 hours, which is not much of a sacrifice for those who worship the Norse pantheons. Remember in ritual to do what feels right for you. Trust your heart, your inner guides and your deities.

We gather in the morning to assemble our wreaths. They are to be made from pine branches (found, not cut), ivy branches, holly berry sprigs, ribbon and cranberries. We decorate our area with pine and mistletoe and light incense. It is a long time tradition to adorn the doorways with pine boughs as a token of welcome or friendship.

We set up our altar that will include four pillar candles representing the four seasons:

Yellow - Summer

Red - Fall

White - Winter

Green - Spring

We light the yellow, red and white candles.

12:00 Noon

·        BRIEFING

We explain our ritual to the newcomers of our gathering. We set the tone, direction and give instructions. This is the time when we practice our songs so that everyone can participate.


Begin Processional Sounding – Horn


The processional is lead by the Godi or Godia to the area, which we are to make sacred. Tradition has it that the worshippers circle the area clockwise three times. The procession is usually accompanied by singing.

Ring bell three times

Opening prayer

As we do honor thee

May thou also honor us.

And our bonding together be sealed

For ourselves, our folk and our lands.

So be it!


Purify area and Participants with Water, Air, and Fire

Chieftain of the grove smudges all participants, starting with Godia and Godi and asks, "Why are you here?"

Godia enters sacred space with sensor and purifies the area with sacred air. She takes up the caldron and splurges the area and participants with sacred water.

This caldron contains sacred water

Pure, cooling, fresh and cleansing

Blessed many times by our Deities

In the rites we have been attending

I charge thee all in the North

In the name of Tyr

To wash away that which does

stain the soul, the spirit, and the land.

I charge thee all in the East

In the name of Freya

To wash away that which does

stain the soul, the spirit, and the land.

I charge thee all in the South

In the name of Thor

To wash away that which does

stain the soul, the spirit, and the land.

I charge thee all in the West

In the name of Idunn

To wash away that which does

stain the soul, the spirit, and the land.

Fire tender or Godi walks the outer area with the lantern and then lights the Yule log saved from last year’s celebration.

Our Kin, our homeland and our ritual space are purified with fire, air and water. So mote it be!

(All say So mote it be!)

Honor the Norse Divine Triad

Nerthus is the Earth Mother. She is the foundation for our existence and our connection to the land. We honor her and light her multi-colored candle.

Hail Earth Mother, Protector of the Land

We give honor to thee and ask thee to

join us now with thy cherishing embrace

Accept this offering of milk as our gift to you.

Nerthus, accept this offering!

(All say Nerthus, accept this offering!)

Odin is honored as the All Father of the Gods. He is sometimes known as the Sky-Cloaked Wanderer or Grey Wanderer. Odin is the ruler of Asgard, most powerful and wise. We honor Odin by acknowledging him and lighting his red candle.

Odin the wise and great one of Valhalla,

We give honor to thee and ask thee to

join us now with thy strength and wisdom.

Accept this offering of mead as our gift to you.

Odin, accept this offering!

(All say Odin, accept this offering!)

We honor Frigg as the All Mother of the Gods. She is the matron of households and families. Chief of the Asynjur and wife to Odin, Frigg is the foundation of the home. We honor Her by acknowledging and lighting her white candle.

All Mother Frigg, weaver of the clouds,

We give honor to thee and ask thee to

join us now with thy blessings and love.

Accept this offering of flowers as our gift to you.

Frigg, accept this offering! (All say Frigg, accept this offering!)

The candles represent the God and Goddess triad in our lives. When the candles are lit, we are reminded that they are with us and shall remain so even when the candles have been extinguished.

Honor Song

We honor the God and Goddess triad in song and praise. It is important to remember that although only one-person steps forward in praise and lights the candle; we are all acknowledging the Shining Ones. We remember that they are always here blessings and inspiring us.

Offering to the Outsiders

The warrior or chieftain of the group steps up and with sword in hand says:

To the non-believers and dwellers of the outerdark, we ask thee to accept this offering (of sacred oils) and to leave us to do our work in peace. We are respectful of thee so let it be so else I will draw my sword in defense of my folk. So be it!

(All say So be it!)

We begin our Feast to honor the summer season. We will serve hotdogs, veggie and hamburgers, salads, fruits, ice teas, soda, cold chicken and fruit juice. After the meal, we snuff the yellow candle.

Some will go on a nature walk in the woods to find items for decorating the tree. Others will stay and decorate Yule logs with cinnamon sticks, incense, and essential oils or perhaps carve them with runes. We will keep the Yule logs burning for the entire event just as our ancestors did.

6:00 PM


Ritual prayer

We begin connecting ourselves to the Two Powers of Earth and Sky. We are already connected to the Middle Ground (Midgard), which is our mundane and everyday existence.

The World below and Heavens above,

The Land on which we stand.

The Sea that surrounds.

The Skies and the Clouds

Our Journey is at hand.


State purpose of the rite

Ask for Bardic assistance

Bragi, God of poetry and husband of Idunn, I call to thee. Welcomer of the Lords in Valhalla, lend me thy gift of eloquence and skill with words so that all may hear and understand.

The Godi or Godia explains the purpose, precedent and historical value of the gathering as it relates to our ancestors. Our grove members will sing a song appropriate for the occasion.

Welcome to our Yule celebration. We are gathered here today to honor our patrons, deities, and kinfolk in the old and ancient ways of our ancestors. Let us rejoice in our religious similarities rather than our differences and celebrate our blessings. This is a time for hope and promise. A time to draw within with togetherness and love. The coming months ahead will be cold and dark but our bond of friendship, family and piety will keep us safe and warm. Celebrate the magick, joy and wonder of this season.


Affirm the Fire, Well, and Tree

By use of the wand we affirm the universal symbols of the center. The Fire is the Sky, the Well is the Underworld and the Tree Yggdrasil, is the link between the nine Worlds.

Let these Waters become the well of Mimir to grant us wisdom and keep ill away. May its cleansing powers be here to stay.

Let this tree become the ash Yggdrasil. From the depths and heights spans the world tree. Sacred tree, grow in me.

Let this fire become Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge. May its sacred fire light our way. May blessings and wisdom grow each day.

Open the Gates

Wondrous Heimdall, watchman of the Gods,

Rider of the mighty horse Gulltop,

We ask thee to open the gates so that

we may cross the Rainbow Bridge!

By thy will, let the gates be opened!

(All say Let the gates be open!)


Invocation Song

Kindred: Nature Spirits, Ancestors and Deities

Nature Spirits - Birds, beasts, magickal creatures, soil, stone, wind and water.

Pick up bowl of sacred soil and hold high.

With this soil, we honor the Nature Spirits.

Spirits of the Land, aid us as we aid thee.

Accept this offering of nuts and berries as our gift to thee.

Nature Spirits, join our rite!

(All say, Nature Spirits, join our rite!)

Song for the Nature Spirits

Ancient Ones - These are the dead not just those who are related to us but also those who are in our hearts whom we hold dear.

Pick up bowl of salt water and hold high.

Old ones and ancestors we honor thee with this saltwater.

Remember us always as we remember thee.

Accept this offering of shells, crystals or silver as our gift to thee.

Ancestors, join our rite!

(All say, Ancestors, join our rite!)

Song to honor our Ancestors

Gods and Goddesses - Eldest Children of the Mother – the strongest, wisest, brightest.

Pick up bowl of incense and feather. Hold high.

Oh Great Ones of Asgard, we honor thee with this sacred air.

Remain within us as we remain with thee.

Accept this offering of sacred incense as our gift to thee.

Deities, join our rite!

(All say Deities, join our rite!)

Song for the Deities


Offerings to Matron/Patron power of rite

Our patron of the rite is Baldr, second son of Odin and Frigg. He is the brightest, most beautiful and gentle. Even with his death foretold, it could not be prevented but he rose again after Ragnarok as the new king of the Gods.

Hail Baldr! (All say Hail Baldr!)

Praise offerings

This is when we give praises to those whose blessings we have received. This can be in the form of a song, poem, something grown, something made or anything that is considered sacrifice.

Offerings can be made to the Patron of the rite, other deities or kindred.

Final Offering

Oh Noble ones accept this offering as a token

of our sacrifice to thee.

Hail ye Gods and Goddesses

(All say Hail ye Gods and Goddesses)

In celebration of Fall, we will feast on corn, potatoes, baked breads, pies, nuts, apples, cider and mead. After the feast, we snuff the red candle.

Folks now begin decorating the tree that represents the ash Yggdrasil. The star on the top is the North Star. Figures next to the star will be an eagle and a hawk (Vedrfölnir). Somewhere in the middle of the tree among the apples, feathers, popcorn and cranberry strands and nuts will be a squirrel (Ratatosk). Beneath the tree will be a bowl of water (Mimir’s well of wisdom), crystals (representing the frost giants) and figures of our Deities. There will be four stags Dáin, Dvalin, Dúneyr and Durathrór. Nidhögg, the serpent will be under the tree blanket. Finishing the tree will be rainbow colored strains of ribbon for Bifrost.

Bardic circle begins with singing, music and stories of lore.

12:00 Midnight

Cast for Omen of Return

Hail Odin, Lord of the Shining Ones.

Thou who knowest the runes of wisdom.

Grant me thy insight so that I may interpret thy ancient words.


Cast three runes:

This is our past.

This rune is our present.

This rune is our future.

Interpret the meaning of each rune.


Meditation upon group needs

The celebrants meditate upon the blessings for their own needs and those of their community.

Let us think upon this omen to seek and understand what blessings the High Ones offer in return for our sacrifices. Think in terms of group, community, and your own individual needs.

Waters of Life

Godi pours mead from decanter into horn on left.

Godia pours pure water from pitcher into horn on

the right. Hold them up towards the tree.

Godia - We call upon the Great Ones to bless these waters as we have blessed thee.

Godi - Behold the Waters of Life!

(All say the Waters of Life!)

Godi says: In this horn is the mead of inspiration.

Behold the Waters of Life.

Hands horn to Godia who drinks and hands back to Godi who drinks.

Godia says: In this horn is water of wisdom. Behold the Waters of Life.

Hands horn to Godi who drinks and hands back to Godia who drinks.

Godia - Drink from either or both or pour onto the earth. Remember when we drink with the Gods, we share in their blessings.

Hand horns to each participant starting with the mead and following with water saying:

The Waters of Life!

All magickal workings are done at this time.

Candle Magick - Magick & pursuit of intention

If there are any among you that have special needs or a request for yourself or a loved one, please say (either aloud or silently) a prayer as you light one of the white votive on the center altar. May the light be your torch that shines through to the Gods and Goddesses. Let us begin the Special Needs Chant. Together we pray to Gods and Goddesses for their assistance.

Special Needs Chant

Hail Asynjur hear our prayer,

Send thy gifts of loving care.

Thor the mighty, Odin the Wise,

Joined as one our strength will rise.

Continue the chant until each person has had a turn to light a candle and speak his or her wishes. The candles are then placed outside left to burn out at will.

It is now winter and we partake of hot stews, eggnog, plum pudding, chestnuts, preserves, cocoa and ale.

We snuff the white candle plunging us (except for the burning Yule logs) into total darkness. There should be a few moments of silence to meditate on how our ancestors’ lives were so influenced by the darkness and cold and how anxious they were on the promise of spring.

6:00 AM


End Meditation

Once again we center and ground ourselves.

Thank Matron/Patron of the Rite

We thank thee Baldr for thy blessings, thy love, and thy gifts.

We honor thee and bid thee peace.

(All say We bid thee peace)

Thank the Kindreds

Nature Spirits

Pick up bowl of sacred soil and hold high.

Spirits of the Land, we thank thee for thy aid and blessings.

We honor thee and bid thee Go in Peace.

(All say Go in Peace)


Pick up bowl with salt water and hold high.

Old Ones and Ancestors, we thank thee for thy aid and blessings.

We honor thee and bid thee Go in Peace.

(All say Go in Peace)

Gods and Goddesses

Pick up bowl with incense and hold high.

Oh Great and Shining Ones, we thank thee for thy aid and blessings.

We honor thee and bid thee Go in Peace.

(All say Go in Peace)

Close the Gates

Let this well once again be water. Let this World Tree be as it was. Let this rainbow bridge once again be fire. Let all be as it once was.

Wondrous Heimdall, watchman of the Gods. We thank thee for thy divine assistance. We ask thee to now close the gates between the worlds.

By thy will, let the gates be closed.

(All say Let the gates be closed)

We thank the Divine Triad.

Thank Nerthus

Hail Nerthus our Earth Mother

We praise thee and thank thee for thy cherishing embrace.

Wir danken Ihnen.

(All say Wir danken Ihnen!)

Snuff out multi candle.

Thank Frigg

All Mother and Weaver of the Clouds,

We praise thee and thank thee for thy love.

Wir danken Ihnen.

(All say Wir danken Ihnen!)

Snuff out white candle.

Thank Odin

Odin the Wise and Great One of Valhalla,

We praise thee and thank thee for thy wisdom.

Wir danken Ihnen.

(All say Wir danken Ihnen!)

Snuff out red candle.


Release of excessive energy that we return to the land.

Grove gifts

Remembrance gifts of the rite or for individuals home altar. This is the time to exchange Yule gifts.

Announcement of the end

Children of the Mother, People of the old and ancient ways,

Friends of this rite,

May the sacred presence remain within you always.

Until we meet again we wish you all peace, love, and bright blessings.

This Rite is Ended

Walk with wisdom!

Ring bell three times

Signal of the end and that the rite is ended. We now light the green candle representing the promise of spring. This candle is left lit until departure. Yule log is saved for next year’s celebration.

We all walk outside to watch the sunrise. Our morning feast will be strawberry pancakes, ham, eggs, asparagus, herbal teas and champagne.

Have a wondrously magickal Yule celebration and season. Be safe, healthy, caring and loving to yourself and those around you. Walk with wisdom!


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