The Two Powers: An Alternative For Large Rites

The Two Powers: An Alternative For Large Rites

There has been some discussion on the Liturgy list about the effectiveness of the Two Powers Meditation at large rites. Often, not everyone at a large ritual is interested in a formal entrancement, and leading one is definitely dependent on the skills of the leader. While some of the participants can really feel the power of the meditation, others are totally bewildered.

I believe that we should continue to use the full, formal induction at our smaller rituals, where we probably get a more dedicated class of participant, but at our larger rites (like the High Day rituals in my Grove which usually attract 60-80 people), something shorter might be best, eliminating a possible 15-minute 'hole' in the ritual.

The primary purpose of the 2 Powers Meditation is to ground and center the people, to attune them to the powers of the earth and sky (or chaos and order) and to unify them for our common purpose (based on the Order of Ritual in the DP booklet and Isaac Bonewits' Neopagan Rites).

The following is a possible alternative to the trance induction for use in large rites:

Priest says: (Opening Prayer)
O Waters of the Earth, deep and dark,
Arise, primeval powers, fill us now
With all your wondrous possibilities,
That through the Earth our Mother we may ground and join as one.

O Fires of the sky, O blinding light,
Descend and crystallize within us all
That spark of order on which life depends,
That through the Sky our Father we may shine and share as one.

Priest says: (Centering)
For just a moment let us close our eyes and feel the life which courses
through us all.


The beating of our hearts is at the center of our core.
Like sparkling blood, the coursing of the waters and the light of life
Now mix and swirl and energize us all.

(A single drummer begins an appropriate pattern)

Priest says: (Litany)
Chaos of the Earth, now fill us!

People say:
Chaos of the Earth, now fill us!

Priest says:
Order of the Heavens, mold us!

People say:
Order of the Heavens, mold us!

Priest says:
Join the powers deep within us!

People say:
Join the powers deep within us!

Priest says:
With the merging of these powers let us join as one!

Bard: (Unity)
The bard begins intoning and the people join in. The drumming continues. The
Bard intones through the main English vowels, a e i o u, ending with "So be
it" in the appropriate language. Or, a Unity song could be sung here,
such as, "Unity In The Three Realms".


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