Midsummer 2005 Unity Rite

Midsummer 2005 Unity Rite

(As performed by Stone Creed Grove, ADF.)

Anyone wishing to take some of the waters of life with them after the rite is reminded to bring a small container.n

Preliminary Meditation: One of the priest/esses will lead a simple Two Powers attunement to prepare us for the work.

Bardic calling: The bard will extemporize a simple preliminary invocation the begin the processional chant, and the drums will start. The processional chant will be a classic solstice chant:

We are one with the infinite sun
Forever and ever and ever.

The company will line up behind the sacrificer who will lead the folk into the ritual area with drummers beating a lively beat from the back following the bard. The priest will bring up the rear. The people will enter the area and continue to sing until the bard signals to stop.

The priest will enter while saying:
We have come here to stand as one to honor the Gods and to work the work of building the spirit of Our Druidry.

An offering of corn or flour is made onto the ground saying:
Goddesses of the land, Mothers of Tribes, holy queens, bless this work and we, your children.

Firetender lights the fire in the fire altar and the sacrificer gives oil to the fire while the priest says:
The sun shines like fire while we welcome the flame and honor the fire Gods of our peoples accept this sacrifice and gice us fire to cook and to warm.

The sacrificer will pour a sacrifice upon the ground while someone speaks:
Warm yourselves in the summer light, Goddesses of the lands of our peoples, we honor you and ask that your steadfast strength nurture the roots of our people and tribes to support us as we grow for our work is sacred.

Someone speaks:
Land: Sacred is this land to us, sacred is all land to us, it is the world which we walk. We are supported and sustained by the land, valleys, fields , hills, spires of peaks, depths of forest down to the shores holding before the waves.

Someone speaks:
Sea: Waves of the Sea, touches of the other-world endlessly dancing to rise and recede at our shores. Across the waves, the ancestors rest and the sea gives and claims as it will, all the while pushed by the breath of the skies.

Someone speaks:
Sky: Skies above, the very world of the Gods of our people, with shining eye, sweeping winds and blessings raining down. The secrets of lives written in mysteries of star and cloud.

All: Firetender:
From the center to the edge Fire be a light
From the center to the edge alight the world
From the center to the edge world changing fire
All: Sacrificer:
From the center to the edge well be a gate
From the center to the edge gate of blessings
From the center to the edge blessings from a well
All: Priest:
From the center to the edge Tree standing steadfast
From the center to the edge steadfast between worlds
From the center to the edge worlds upon the tree

Sacrificer makes a border offering at the gates while a warrior says:
Champions of the Gods, Warders of the Boundaries, with this sacrifice freely given, we ask protection for our folk in this place, in our homes and in our lives.

The sacrificer makes a border offering to the south while a warrior says:
Let that which has no part of us remain beyond and trouble us not.

The sacrificer makes a sacrifice into the cauldron, then he raises his hand to mark a spiral in the air at the center of the rite and says:
Gate keepers of the Gods, we ask that you open the gates and give unhindered passage to all who come in peace. May the gates among the worlds be opened.

The Sacrificer throws an offering of herbs and stones to the 8 directions, saying:
Kindreds of Spirits, with whom we share the worlds, we offer you this gift, with our thanks for sharing this land with us.

The sacrificer pours an offering of honey into the cauldron as the bard says:
Ancestors of blood and of spirit, wise ones of old times, we give you a gift and invite you to our celebration.

The sacrificer pours an offering of oil into the fire while the priest says:
Gods, Goddesses, shining ones of our people we honor you today in this place and across our lands. Receive this gift freely given as you receive our worship.

Let the peoples be named that all may be known to be part of the folk.

The Groves are named (without reading the numbers) as many sacrifices of oil are poured into the fire:

1.Stone Creed Grove (9/1/90)
2.Cedar Light Grove (1/1/91)
3.Muin Mound Grove (7/2/91)
4.Green Man Grove (9/1/91)
5.Mugwort Grove (3/1/92)
6.World Tree Grove (7/1/92)
7.Sassafras Grove (10/1/92)
8.Grove of the Sacred Crows (7/1/94)
9.Shining Lakes Grove (7/1/94)
10.Wild Onion Grove (12/1/95)
11.Red Oak Grove (6/21/97)
12.Little Acorn Grove (7/1/97)
13.Triskele River Grove (12/1/97)
14.Willow Marsh PG (1/1/98)
15.Peachtree Grove (7/30/98)
16.Grove of the Midnight Sun (9/1/98)
17.Hearth Fire Grove (10/1/98)
18.The 6th Night Grove (12/1/98)
19.Song of the Hounds PG (2/12/99)
20.Red Maple PG (2/13/99)
21.Dogwood PG (2/28/99)
22.Druid Heart Spirited PG (3/5/99)
23.Stoned Ground Round PG (4/24/99)
24.White Birch PG (4/24/99)
25.Cascade Dragonsong PG (4/28/99)
26.Rose Triskele PG (4/28/99)
27.River of Fire PG (4/28/99)
28.Loch Shea Meara PG (4/29/99)
29.Three Songs PG (7/16/99)
30.Twin Dragons PG (11/24/99)
31.PG of the Raven of Four Winds (12/6/99)
32.Sun Raven Grove (12/7/99)
33.Stone Glen PG (12/9/99)
34.Tear of the Cloud PG (12/9/99)
35.River of Night PG (2/25/00)
36.Black Dirt PG (2/27/00)
37.Third Coast PG (3/7/00)
38.Earth Song Grove (5/10/00)
39.Druid’s Healing PG (5/30/00)
40.Nemos Ognios PG (6/5/00)
41.Fieldstone PG (8/13/00)
42.Gooseberry PG (9/2/00)
43.Sonora Sunrise PG (9/12/00)
44.Ravens Mist PG (10/21/00
45.Raven’s Cry Grove (11/2/00)
46.PG of the Ancient Path (2/15/01)
47.Rising Hawk PG (2/28/01)
48.Awen Wyrd PG (3/28/01)
49.Thistle Dew PG (3/28/01)

Priest says:
In every place where Our Druidry gathers, whether in Grove or hearth, let there be wisdom and vision and piety. Let there be strength and honor and courage. let there be hospitality, and diligence and sensual delight. Let the ancient wisdom be renewed in our hearts and in our work, that the Old Ways be made new in our lives and in our world. So be it!

Sacrificer addresses the people:
Are there any individual sacrifices?

This time is for the sacrifice of tangible items to fire or well and the sacrifices may be made by the individual or handed to the sacrificer to perform.

A final offering of oil, ale and bread is prepared, and offered as the Priest says:
In all these gifts, Mighty, Noble and Shining Ones, we offer you our sacrifices. Now let our voices arise on the fire, let our voices resound in the well, let our call pass the boundary to the ears of the Spirits. Holy Ones, accept our sacrifices!

Divination by Priest

The bowl containing the waters will be held up by the sacrificer while the priest says:
Lapping upon the shores, flowing across the land and falling from the skies are the many waters bringing life and sustenance. May we share these sacred waters as one folk.

The cupbearers bring the waters around to the people present and pour some in each cup.

All cups are raised and the Priest says: Behold the waters of life.

All respond: Behold the waters of life.

Some water is then scattered to the outer areas to symbolize the inclusion of those not physically present in the rite.

Priest addresses all with statement of continuity.

Sacrificer: Spirits of the land, for sharing this place with us, we thank you.

All: We thank you

Bard: Ancestors of blood and spirit for our lives for you aid we thank you.

All: We thank you.

Priest: Goddesses and Gods of our people, Shining ones of elder days for your aid and attendance we thank you.

All: We thank you.

Sacrificer: Keepers of the hidden ways among the worlds we thank you.

All: We thank you.

Warrior: Champions who insure the protection of the folk, for your strong hand and firm standing we thank you.

All: We thank you.

The same person who called the Land Goddesses: Goddesses of the living lands of our peoples for your support and constant strength we thank you.

All: We thank you.

Firetender: Fire Gods of our people we ask that you remain in our hearths and in our hearts to warm , our heads to inspire and our hands that we may perform our work. For your warmth and light we thank you.

All: We thank you.

Bard: extemporizes thanks to Bardic Deities: We thank you.

All: We thank you.

Priest: May the Gods bless our people and our peoples. This rite is ended.


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