Unity Rite FAQ

Unity Rite FAQ

The following attempts to answer some of the more common questions we get about the ADF Unity Rite (aka Organizational Ritual). If you are an ADF grove or solitary and you have further questions about doing an ADF Unity Rite (UR), please contact us and we'll be glad to help.

Why do we have an ADF Unity Rite?

ADF is a religious organization and we strive to foster both individual spiritual growth and group spiritual growth. The ADF Unity Rite is designed to foster growth of the spiritual egregore (group mind) of ADF. In this rite, all ADF Groves and Protogroves are called and all ADF members are represented as being spiritually present. The rite is done for ADF as one people.

Who performs the ADF Unity Rite?

Members of the ADF Clergy Council (CC) officiate at these rites. They are scheduled in advance and an effort is made to rotate the UR among the members of the CC.

May anyone attend these rites?

In keeping with ADF tradition, these Unity Rites are performed publicly and anyone may attend regardless of ADF membership. ADF members are urged to attend when the UR is being done near them.

How may my Grove participate in these rites?

The name of each ADF Grove is called during the UR. This insures the spiritual presence of each Grove that the rite. Some Groves may choose to attend the UR as a group when it is in their area. They may bring a banner or Grove symbol to include in the UR. Groves may also participate by getting together at the scheduled time of the UR and praying or reading the script of the rite aloud. Some Groves may schedule their local events to coincide with the ADF UR. Groves may also send a group sacrifice to be given in their name.

I'm a solitary, how may I participate in these rites?

A solitary member may participate by attending the UR when it is local to them. Solitaries may time their personal worship to coincide with the UR or may site in meditation and prayer at the time when the UR is being done.

Can I have personal things taken care of at these rites?

While the UR is done for the spiritual growth of ADF as a whole, the ADF Clergy Council realizes that there are personal needs among our members. Time is generally set aside after the main rite in which personal workings can be performed or assisted by members of the ADF Clergy Council. Consecrations, dedicant oaths and personal sacrifices are done at this time.

Will ADF Clergy be available at these rites?

Each UR will be performed by an ADF Clergy Council member. These CC members will be available after the UR to attend to our members needs for Pastoral care or just to answer questions.

Can any ADF member have a role in one of these rites?

Yes, any ADF member who wishes to have a role in the UR may contact the officiating Clergy in advance of the rite and request a role. There are more ADF member than roles so the roles will be assigned based on the earliest requests received.

Are these rites Celtic?

ADF is an Indo-European (IE) based organization and our people practice a wide variety of IE ethnic foci. The ADF Unity Rite is specifically done in a way that does not embrace any one cultural specialty but embraces the commonalities of these many practices.


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