Simple Meal Rite

Simple Meal Rite

This rite is an example of how simply we can integrate our religion and life. World Tree Grove A.D.F. loves to eat together, so I wrote the following meal rite to be quick, easy, and able to be done in public restaurants. I numbered (D1, D2 ...) the parts, but any number of parts can be done by an individual.

D1 lights a candle saying:

The fire of life is lit. Let the flame of peace fill the hall.

D2 raises a cup of water saying:

The waters of life cleanse the hall. Let our cups overflow with joy.

D3 shares a piece of fruit with everyone saying:

This is to remind us of the World Tree that spans the realms connecting us all to the three kindreds: spirits, honored dead, and blessed Gods.

D4 prepares a plate of offering for the kindreds and hands it to the host who puts it on the home altar.

D5 prepares a plate for one of the children saying:

The children must come first for they are the future which gives our past meaning.

D6 (oldest child) says:

As first among the children I thank you. We will work to be worthy to carry on the traditions.

D7 says:

Let the meal begin.

All say:

So be it.


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