A Short Devotional Rite

A Short Devotional Rite

This rite is suitable for daily or frequent performance at a personal altar or shrine. Deity gender references may, of course, be altered to suit the participant(s).

[The Druid comes, freshly bathed, before the altar and lights the Altar Lamp (which may be any sort of candle or small flame), saying:]

O blessed spirit of light and magic, flesh of the Deities' flesh, spirit of my spirit, bring to my shrine the divine power of your light. O sacred spirit-fire, be welcome in your house. Beannachta!

[The visualizations of the Deities are built up, and a short prayer of praise may be offered. The Triple Offering is then made with these words:]

I shall offer my offerings in the eye of the mothers who bore me, in the eye of the fathers who quickened me, in the eye of the Gods and the light of the fire.

Make me your kinswo/man, accept from me: Salt, that your power preserve and defend me,

[Druid elevates salt, places it on the altar]

Water, that your power cleanse and sustain me,

[Druid offers water]

Incense, that your power lend my life joy and delight.

[Druid offers incense]

Bestow upon me in the hour of my need the love of the Gods, the wisdom of the Gods, the power of the Gods, to do in the Three Worlds as the heroes do in Tir na nog. Each shade and light, each day and night, each hour in blessing, give me your spirit.

[The Druid meditates on the visualization for a time, then extinguishes the flame, leaving the incense to burn out, and goes about her/his business.]


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