A Morning Devotional

A Morning Devotional

(As soon as possible after waking up, I go to my altar, pour some holy water into a small glass, and light a stick of incense. Then, I take a few deep breaths and begin my rite.)

Grounding and Centering Chant:

Solid as the Tree, roots deep within the Mother
Ancient as the Land, strong as the Sea
Reaching for the Sky, the moon the stars, the heavens
Powers that flow through me. (3x)

I stand at the Center
With all of my resources surrounding me.

Before me, the light of life
Behind me, the shadow of strife;
To my left, the shield of love;
To my right, the runes of power;
Above me, the star of wisdom;
Below me, the path of knowledge;
And within me, the everlasting magick,
By which all things are possible.

Lady Brigid, I greet you this morning and ask for your aid. Lend me your eloquence that I may speak these words and work this rite in beauty.

I arise from sleep and come before my altar to renew my commitment to the path I have chosen with every single step I take upon it. I am here to honor my Gods and my Kindred and to give thanks for the many blessings they bestow upon me.

(I face behind me to address the Outdwellers.)
All you who do not choose to aid me along my path, I recognize your function and respect your purpose. I ask only that you honor mine as well and leave me in peace this day.

(I anoint my face and my pendant with holy water.)
With this water, I cleanse myself of all that is useless to me, that which holds no joy or beauty, and anything that would do me harm.

(I draw a triskele over my center with incense.)
In place of these, I charge myself with the wonder of life, the compassion of love, and the protection of truth.

The Well, the Fire, the Sacred Tree
Flow and flame and grow in me.
(I offer some water to my Tree and my plants.)

(I hold my holey stone and reconnect with the Earth.)
I honor the Earth, mother of all life. Your child stands before you with love and respect.

Earth Mother Chant:

Dwelling in the earth, swelling in the trees,
Here is the spirit of the woman we call mother.
Mere de la terre, qui tourne, qui tourne,
Le labyrinthe de la vie!

My Sight beholds the beauty of the Gods,
My blood is alive with the wisdom of the Ancestors,
And the voices of the Nature Spirits resound in my soul.

Forseti, I call to you in my heart, in my mind, and in my soul. Trusted Counselor, I offer myself to you as a vessel. These eyes, these lips, these hands are yours: guide them to do your work. Be with me this day as I move among my Folk. Help me to nurture understanding and connection in my community and among all life.

Brigid, Bright Lady, guide to my voice and source of my art, I invite you into the shrine of my soul. Kindle the fires of inspiration in my heart and move through me to bring beauty and healing to all those whose lives are touched by my own.

(I say any additional prayers I may have at this point.)

To all of you who are my allies, I give my love, my honor, and my devotion. Accept my offerings and be near me this day. Grant me your guidance that I may walk the path before me with wisdom. Speak to me, and I will listen.

(I draw a rune and record it in my journal along with any insights I may have about the appropriateness of the previous day's rune.)

I thank you for the multitude of gifts you have given me, as well as for the simple joy of knowing your presences in my life. May there be peace and love between us today and always.

Closing Chant:

I am walking to the Grove,
I am on the path I chose,
I shall never lose my way
'Cause I dream all night
And travel by day


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