Welcoming to the Grove

Welcoming to the Grove

(NM = New Member, D1 is leader of the rite - first Druid)

D1: Is there a aspirant for Grove membership here today?

NM: There is!

D1: Step forward so that the folk can see you.

NM steps forward.

D1: Are you a member of Ar nDraiocht Fein?

NM: I am.

D1: Will you take oath before the Gods and the Folk?

NM: I will.

D1: Is there any of the folk here who can say why this person should not be welcomed to the Grove?

D1 pauses.

D1: Step forward to the World Tree and state the name we shall know you by.

NM stands next to the Bile.

NM: My name is ________.

D1: Lay your hand on the World Tree and repeat after me.

I _______, swear before the Gods and the folk, to work for and with this grove, for as long as I am a member, in return for being counted among the folk. Thus do I swear by all I hold sacred!

The NM is dressed in her/his tabard, and censed and asperged.

D1: Welcome to World Tree Grove A.D.F., you are now numbered among our folk.

Each member of the Grove will now step forward in turn, put their hands on the NM shoulders, look into their eyes and say: You are of my folk, Welcome!

D1: Let there be music and drumming so that all know that World Tree Grove is one stronger!


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