A Simple Group Devotional

A Simple Group Devotional

The Shrine bears a simple fire — a candle or three, or nine, and a censer to receive offerings of herbs or incense — a small cauldron full of water and a representation of the World Tree Pillar. A small bowl of salt or ochre sits at the base of the Tree. All sit before or around the Shrine.

1. Three knells on a bell.

2. Silent Breathing, and basic meditation. A timer may be used, or one member may watch a clock. Three knells sounded to end the silence.

3. All Say:

We are here to honor the Gods
We are here to remember the Elder Spirits
We are here to keep the Ways of Druidry

4. Two Powers Attunement: Led or read by one or two of the members.

5. Attunement concludes with all saying:

The Fire, the Well, the Sacred Tree
Flow and flame and grow in me.
I span between the Earth and Sky
Rooted deep and crowned high.

6. The Three Worlds symbols are passed deisil around the ring, and each anoints themselves. Each or all say:

The primal Sea around me
The shining Sky above me
The holy Land beneath me
The Order of the Worlds stands firm
Around me and within my soul.

7. Offerings of incense are made or a simple cup poured into bowl or onto ground, or other offerings placed at the Tree. All say:

We offer our offerings
In the eye of the Mothers who bore us
In the eye of the Fathers who quickened us
In the light of the fire and the sight of the Powers
Accept us, we pray, as your kin and allies
Mighty and beloved Dead
Wild Ones, Nobles of the Land
Eldest, Wisest, Shining Ones
Accept from us offering
That your power inspire and instruct us
That your power heal and sustain us
That your power preserve and defend us
Each shade and light
Each day and night
Each hour in blessing
This we ask, and give you this due honor!

8. All meditate in silence on the whole construct of the rite

9. All recite the Great Blessing:

We offer our thanks to the Mother of All.
We offer our thanks to the Gods, Dead and Spirits.
May the Three Sacred Kins
Bring joy to all beings, and renew the ancient wisdom.
To the Fire, Well and Tree we offer our thanks.
May Wisdom, Love and Power
Kindle in all beings, and renew the ancient wisdom.
To the Earth, Sea, and Sky we offer our thanks.
May the ancient wisdom be renewed,
And may all beings know peace, joy and happiness
In all the worlds.

So be it!


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