New Member Welcoming

New Member Welcoming

Priestess pours sweet wine in goblet and sets aside.

Priestess stands before the altar.

On this day, having one in our gathering who wishes to join in true kinship with us honors the Grove of the Midnight Sun. Will that person please step forward?

Person steps toward the altar.

By what name shall we call you in this ceremony?

Person answers with either given name or magickal name.

Hail ye Gods & Goddesses, Kinsmen and guests. Here stands before you __________________ soon to be one with the Midnight Sun.

____________________ we give you this talisman to signify our bonding (Places talisman around the person’s neck) and furthermore, we ask you to join us in this pledge that binds you to us for a year and a day. After which, a more permanent bond may or may not be made. Please repeat after me:

Before the Gods & Goddesses, I pledge thee true kinship.
Before the attendance of this gathering, I pledge thee true friendship.
From this day forth we are bonded to protect and aid each other.
This I declare before the Well, the Tree, and the Fire.

Priestess picks up goblet of sweet wine.

Let us share this drink in your honor.
Welcome to the Grove of the Midnight Sun.

Hands drink to new member. New member drinks and hands back to Priestess who drinks.

Priestess hands drink to next person. That person says: Welcome to the Midnight Sun
and drinks. Hands to next person who says and does the same.


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