Earth Day Rituals and Prayers

Earth Day Rituals and Prayers

Earth Day is typically celebrated on April 22 of any given year, though some consituencies may celebrate this holiday over the course of a week or two. Our Founder, Rev. Isaac Bonewits, wanted ADF to make Earth Day a ninth High Day, but since it falls so close to a current High Day (the May Cross Quarter Day) this idea was never adopted.

However, as an earth-based religion, ADF highly recommends that everyone celebrate the Earth, either alone or in groups, on or around this day along with the rest of the Pagan community and many others as well. 

Things that folks can do to celebrate Earth Day include performing rituals, both public and solitary, planting trees and gardens, and volunteering for environmental groups. The Earth is our mother, and without her we cannot live.

While we may not have many entries on this page as yet, we hope that it will continue to grow in the future. All Hail Mother Earth!

Earth Mother Prayer by Rev. Kathleen Pezza

Solitary Norse Rite to Nerthus by Jeremy Baer

2014 EarthAlong by Lisa Lea


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