The Armoring

Today I gird myself with triple power
Invocation of the Gods;
Attunement with the Spirits;
Reverence to the Ancestors.

Today I gird myself with the Power of the Magic Cauldron
With the power of the Spear and Sword,
and the Stone of Sovereignty.
With the whole company of the Mother's Kin

Today I gird myself with the Power of the Noble Ones
Obedience of Spirits, service of the Sidhe
With the loving blessing of the Dead.
Wisdom of the wise, courage of the strong, innocence of the young
And the deeds of heroes.

Today I gird myself with the Power of Heaven
Light of the Sun, brilliance of the Moon, speed of Lightning;
Swiftness of Wind, depths of the Sea, firmness of Earth
Hardness of Rock
And the Power Under the Earth

Today I gird myself
With the Goddess' Power to direct me
With the Gods' Wisdom to bear me up
With the Child's Love to content me
Their eyes to look after me, their ears to hear from me,
Their voice to clarify for me, their hand to guard me,
Their paths open before me, their shield to ward me,
From the snares of spirits, from the weakness of will,
From habit and unmindfulness, from all who wish me ill
Far or near.

I summon these Powers to be upon me and in me, to make me equal to any challenge:
To come between me and any power that threatens my body or spirit:
That I may have the wisdom of the wise, the love of the loving, the power of the powerful;
That I may be known in the Inner Realms and acknowledged with honor.
Know me. O Mighty Ones, for my name is ...

Magic within me, magic on my right hand, magic behind me;
Magic on my left hand, magic before me, magic above me, magic beneath me.
In the eye of all beholders, in the ear of all who hear
In the heart of all beings
My magic is established.

Today I gird myself with the three fold power
Honor to the Gods! Honor to the Fair Folk! Honor to the Dead!
And honor to the Wisdom of Magicians
That dwells in me forever
So be it!

Author Information

Rev. Jeffrey Wyndham (Ian Corrigan)

Author's Bio:

About the Author - Ian Corrigan is a past ADF Archdruid as well as recipient of the Distinguished Service award for his time as Bard Laureate. He is deeply involved in developing and implementing a modern Druidic occultism, creating rites and training to enhance our growing spiritual work. His druid books are available at

Articles by Rev. Jeffrey Wyndham (Ian Corrigan)

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