An Anywhere Devotional

An Anywhere Devotional

Here is a very short rite for daily devotions, designed especially for traveling, staying at friend's places, riding on a bus or plane, and so forth. It makes every effort to accommodate varying settings, social situations, time constraints, and availability of materials for offerings. It should be doable in the space of a smoke break. Yet it also follows the full Core Order of Ritual (COoR version from the ADF-Liturgists mailing list, November '06).

Items needed:

  • water (as it is the most readily available item I can think of, it is used for purification, offerings, and blessings; other items may be substituted where available and appropriate)
  • omen method (use a method appropriate to the situation; travel-ready possibilities include drawing an item from your pocket, casting different-colored pens, looking in your surroundings for omens (signs, clouds, birds, colored lights, etc.), flipping three coins, or drawing runes/ogham from a set on a keychain).

1. Initiating the Rite

(take a deep breath and focus on the work to be done)

2. Purification

(dip a finger in the water and touch it to your body)

(optional: Appeal for Inspiration-- additionally touch your finger to your lips as a request for eloquence and inspiration, possibly naming a specific being as its source)

(optional: Outsiders Offering—dip your finger again and cast this bit of water over your shoulder.)

3. Honoring the Earth Mother and 4. Statement of Purpose

Hail, Earth Mother, whole and holy, honor unto thee!
I offer now as the ancients did to the Kindreds Three!

(optional: Two Powers Attunement-- gesture to the sky above and the earth below while aligning with these energies)

5. (Re)Creating the Cosmos and 6. Opening the Gate(s)

(conjure a mental image of the Fire, and optionally also the Well and Tree)

By Land, Sky, and Sea,
And Fire, Well, and Tree:
O (gatekeeper's name),
Let the Gate(s) be opened!

(imagine the Gate(s) opening)

7. Inviting the Three Kindreds and 8. Key Offerings

(for each, dip a finger in the water and raise it in offering)

To the Ancestors: water, may it strengthen thee!
To the Nature Spirits: water, may it strengthen thee!
To the Gods and Goddesses: water, may it strengthen thee!

(optionally, do the same for any patrons of the occasion you wish to include)

9. Prayer of Sacrifice

O Kindreds, accept my sacrifice!

10. Omen

(take the omen—if favorable, continue; if unfavorable, skip to 15 and try again later with other offerings or a revised perspective)

11. Calling (asking) for the Blessings

I give my gifts to the Kindreds Three,
Now let your blessings strengthen me!
Hear my prayer and give to me:
(desired blessings)

12. Hallowing the Blessing

Let your blessings come into these waters, that I may drink them down.

(drink some or all of the remaining water, as appropriate)

13. Affirmation of the Blessing

Hail the Kindreds, strong in me!
Thanks be to the Kindreds Three!
Peace to all beings, so may it be!

14. Workings (if any)


15. Thanking the Beings

(included in #13 above, but if desired, a further thanks may be simply: "Thanks be to the Kindreds")

16. Closing the Gate(s)

O (gatekeeper's name)
Let the Gate(s) be closed.

(imagine the Gate(s) closing)

(optional: Two Powers Re-attunement-- gesture once again to the sky above and earth below while re-aligning with these energies)

17. Thanking the Earth Mother

Hail, Earth Mother, whole and holy, honor unto thee.
I've offered now as the ancients did to the Kindreds Three.

18. Closing the Rite

The rite is ended.
Go in peace.


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