A Preritual Briefing Outline

A Preritual Briefing Outline

The following is a brief outline of what a grove might want to cover in a preritual briefing for newcomers. Individual ADF groves may fill these items in differently, or even cover different items, than those below.

  1. Welcome
    • "Welcome to the celebration of ___________! We have gathered to honor the Kindreds and to share in their gifts. May they smile on our work!"
  2. Who We Are
    • We are ___________ Grove, ADF. We were founded by ___ ADF members in 200_. As a group, we are committed to Neopagan Druidry through ritual and its many facets of spiritual expression. If you would like to know more about us please put your email address on the Guest Book and we will add you to our mailing list.
  3. Who ADF Is
    • Founded by Isaac Bonewits in 1984, ADF (Ar nDraiocht Fein, A Druid Fellowship) is a federally recognized church that is committed to Public Neopagan Druidic Ritual. For more information on ADF see the ADF website at https://www.adf.org. ADF created the beautiful ritual structure that we will be following today.
  4. Ritual Structure
    1. No Circle Cast
      • In ADF we cast no circle. We begin ritual by treating with the Outdwellers, in order to protect the space and then we open three gates.
    2. The Gates
      • The Fire, Well, and Tree are the three portals through which we connect to the otherworld during ritual. The Well represents the waters of the earth and the underworld. The Fire represents the Heavens. And the Tree represents the middle realm.
      • If the fire isn't a full fire, explain: Today's fire is symbolic due to fire restrictions. If you have an offering for the fire, you may place it in the bowl nearby and it will be ritually burned for you at a later time.
    3. Three Kindreds
      • In ADF we work with the three Kindreds - The Ancestors (or Mighty Dead) whose wisdom fills our well; the Nature Spirits (or elves, familiars and sprites) who gather around the tree; and the Shining ones or Gods who bless our hearthfire.
    4. Praise Offerings
      • After the gates are opened and the Kindred invited, we yield the ritual space to anyone who would like to offer to the Kindred. You are free to place offerings at any of the gates or to offer praise in the ritual space.
      • Your praise and offerings need not be limited to the deities of the occasion UNTIL we have invoked them. So, if you have offerings for the deities of the occasion please save them until they are invited.
      • Once again, prior to the main invocation and offering you are welcome to acknowledge your own patrons and guides.
    5. Main Offering
      • After this is done we will send a main offering to the gods as one people. Today's offering will be (explain ritual offering).
    6. Blessing Cup and Magic
      • Once our offering has been sent we will take an Omen. If the omen is auspicious we will continue with the Blessing Cup.
      • After (Or During) the passing of the blessing cup would be the best time to ask for gifts from the Kindreds. This is the time for magical work! (If a specific working is planned, it would be explained here.)
  5. Chants and Phrases
    • Any chants, especially call-and-response types, are explained here, and any non-English phrases are translated too.
  6. Wrapping Up
    • How to know when the ritual is ended, processing (recessing) out of the ritual space, and what happens after the recessional is over (any post-ritual pot-lucks or gatherings, etc.)


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