Changes in the Druid Liturgy

Changes in the Druid Liturgy

The Druid Liturgy
A.D.F Standard Outline
Summer 1991 C.E.

Preliminary Ritual Activity
   (A) Briefing
   (B) Individual Meditations & Prayers
   (C) Lighting the Sacred Fire(s)
   (D) Pouring the Sacred Waters
   (E) Consecrating the Sacred Pole
   (F) Consecrating the Altar & Tools
1st Phase: Starting the Rite & Establishing the
Group Mind
   Clear-cut Beginning: Consecration of Time
      (1) Musical Signal
      (2) Opening Prayer
   Consecration of Space & of Participants
      (3) The Processional/Sigil Marking
      (4) Purification(s) of Participants
      (5) Purification(s) of Site
      (6) Honoring the Earth Mother
   Centering, Grounding, Merging
      (7) The Grove Meditation
      (8) Unity Chant/Song
      (9) Stating Ritual Purpose & Historical
      (10) Naming Deity(ies) of the Occasion &
Reasons for Choice
2nd Phase: Recreating the Cosmos & Preliminary
Power Raising
   Describing the Vertical Axis
      (11) Planting the Cosmic Tree / Honoring the
Sacred Pole
      (12) Evoking the Gatekeeper / Defining the Ritual
      (13) Evoking the Fire & Water Deities &
Linking to Center
   Gaining Assistance and Preventing Interference
      (14) Invoking the Bardic Deity(ies) or Spirit(s)
      (15) Acknowledgement of the Outsiders
      (16) Filling Out the Cosmic Picture
            Ex.: Triad Invoc. of Nature Spirits,
Ancestors, Deities in Three Worlds
            Ex.: Invoc. of Helpful Beings of each
            Ex.: Invoc. of Helpful Beings by
      (17) The Settling & Focusing
3rd Phase: Major Sending of Power to Deity(ies) of the
      (18) Descriptive Invocation of Deity(ies) of the
   Primary Power Raising
      (19) Praise Offerings, Dance, Libations, etc.
      (20) The Sacrifice
      (21) Seeking the Omen of Return
4th Phase: Receiving and Using the Returned Power
   Preparation for the Return
      (22) Meditation upon Personal and Group Needs
      (23) Induction of Receptivity
      (24) Consecration Agreement
   Reception of Power from Deity(ies) of the Occasion
      (25) Consecration and Sharing
      (26) Acceptance of Individual Blessings
      (27) Reinforcement of Group Bonding
      (28) Spell Casting/Rite of Passage
5th Phase: Unwinding and Ending the Ceremony
   Unwinding the Energy Patterns Created
      (29) Thanking of Entities Invited in Reverse
      (30) Thanking the Gatekeeper & Closing the
      (31) Affirmation of Past/Future Continuity &
      (32) Unmerging, Regrounding & Recentering:
      (33) Draining off Excess Power: The Restoration
   Clearcut Ending: Deconsecration of Time & Space
      (34) Final Benediction
      (35) Announcement of End
      (36) Dissolving the Sigil
      (37) Musical Signal


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