Stone Creed Grove Claiming and Saining - 1999

Stone Creed Grove Claiming and Saining - 1999

Druid gives nine knocks or musical sounds, pausing 'til the last has died away, saying:

Let us begin this holy work in silence, for in silence even the greatest of works have begun, and to the silence they will one-day return. From the silence let us draw the powers of Earth and Sky, of Ancient Waters and Fire from on high to this place, that it might be hallowed to holy magic.

Druid blesses the waters, saying:

You are the gate of the Earth, the deep way, the holy mouth, and Anu's Cunny.

Chorus: By the ladies of the waters, by the lords of waters, by the powers under the Earth, we thank you for the sacred waters.

You are the eye of the Earth, mirror of seeing, gate of visions, spring of wisdom.


You are the mouth of the Earth, sustainer of life, receiver of gifts, giver of blessings.


The sprinkling bowl is filled from the Well

Druid lights (or feeds) the fire, saying

We kindle the Sacred Fire:

In the presence of the Shining Ones, in the presence of the Gods of fire, in the presence of the Goddesses of fire...

Without Malice, without envy, without jealousy, without fear or terror of anything under the Sun, and the holy power of the Mother to shield us.

O sacrificed and sacrificer, kindle you in our hearts, a flame of wit and heart and strength to bear our offerings and our words to the Gods, the dead and the Sidhe.

O you who aid us, friend and foe, high and low, we call you to be with us and bring to us your blessing.

The censer is kindled from the fire

Druid stands at the Bile and turns once around deosil, saying:

Let every light and every shadow proclaim it, let the kindreds of earth, sea and sky acknowledge it. Let it be known among the mighty dead, among the noble ones, among the Gods themselves.

By magic's might we claim this ground as holy ground. By the fire in the three worlds, in honor to the shining ones the sacred grove is established.

Let all good be welcomed, let all ill be turned away. Thus is this Nemeton claimed and hallowed.

So be it!

The Grove is now fit for worship.


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