Cailleach Invocation

Cailleach Invocation

(To be included as part of the standard ADF Liturgy)

As the Earth falls into sleep the Hag of Baere is wielding her scythe and cutting the green corn down, to sow it again in the later winter's night. She is the Cailleach, the wise and cunning old woman, who passed into seven periods of youth while her husbands passed away behind her, grandmother to peoples and races of the Earth. Her eyes are keen and sparkling like the cold river stream, her hands are gnarled like the twisted roots of ancient trees, and her skin is old and wrinkled like the scattered leaves of autumn.

When the Cailleach calls, deep within the forest, deep within the land, we can feel it in our bones, like the roots of old. It is time to come home, into the darkness of the woods, where the old hag will cut us open, and we will grow new again, our frailty and weakness cut down like the corn.

Hear us now, Cailleach Baere, Great Ancient Grandmother, Lady of the Deep Forest, Old Witch of the Roots and Cauldron. We your children pray that you be with us, that you look kindly upon our holy rite, and that you come into our Grove and give us your blessing.

We give due offering to you. We give you... ( pour into shaft)

Precious stone, that the Bones of the Earth may be clothed again in life.
(pour into fire)

Whiskey, that the Waters of Life May flow in us and Spirit indwell flesh.
(sprinkle or tie to Tree)

Bone, that the old and unnecessary fall away into peaceful rest.

Be welcome among us Cailleach; Great Grandmother, accept our sacrifice!

All: Accept our sacrifice!


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