Brighnassadh Rite

Brighnassadh Rite

The names that are in parenthesis are members of the Grove.

Bardic invitation to Brighid: (Gwynne)
Oh, Brighid, quickening embers in breasts of poets to flaming inspiration warming cauldrons of art pouring forth beauty. As fire here burns in your honored seat, kindle within us a blaze that our spirits leap and dance above the hearth. Flashing inferno of hearts flickering sparks of tongues have come here to honor you Brighid.

Chant to call to Mor Righan: (Gwynne)

Opening prayer: (Finealta)

Tha sinn annseo chum urram a chur air na Diathan.
(PhoeneticsPH: hah shin anshaw hum orum ahoor air na jee-uh-han)

.We are here to honor the Gods. As our feet turn to the paths of our ancestors, we come to this sacred place. May we as one Tribe stand among the worlds in this blessed nematon where all come together that our prayers and sacrifices may honor the high Ones of our ancestors as countless generations of our people have done before. Bitheadh e mar sin (PH: be-ugh a marshin)

Lighting the fire: (Saoirse)

Seo an tine choisrichte (PH: show an chinuh khees-rick-ta). Behold the sacred fire. Welcome Daigre (PH: die-gruh), shine forth and fill us with light as the fire in the head warms us with inspiration.

Fenealta and Rob perform this section together with Fenealta positioned in the center of the ritual area and Rob positioned at the edge beyond the folk. Fenealta will stae here line with an immediate response in Gaelic by Rob.

(Fenealta: Rob:)

From the center to the edge. Seo an neimhaidh seo
From the center to the edge Dion nan Diathan air an neamhaidh seo
From the center to the edge Gu robh beannachd nan Diathan agaus ar sinnearan air an neamhaidh seo

Opening the gates: (Finealta)

Oh Manannan, master of the sea and the ways between, we ask that you open your cloak to part the mists upon the shores of this world. Throw wide the gates and give passage to all who come in peace.
A Mhanannan fosgailtear na geataichean (PH: a wa-na-nan fos-gal-chuhr na gyat-a-ken).

Worlds: (Wry)

Clouds are seen in a pool. Which is reflection? These words. Sounds or echoes? Our world, all worlds, a knot-work bound together. Where does it start, where does it end? We stand not between but among the worlds, a foot on either shore. As the steps of our journey carry us through spiraling mysteries.

Oghma as protector: (Reuladair)

Oghma Sun Face, eloquent champion of the Tuatha De Dannan, shining protector of the people we ask that you stand with us that we may be safe to celebrate in peace. Hold forth your sword that it might turn back all harm and allow no disruption among the people.

Gods (Murghail)

In great ships they loaded their 4 treasures and themselves, leaving behind forever the 4 great cities, and sailed through the skies to find a new world. This is how our gods, the Children of Danu, come, and in your coming may you be welcomed. May the fires burn in your honour, may there be songs in your presence, and may feasts be laid before you.

Chant: By the gods above

Ancestors (Shaya)

Honoured Dead, those who were before and yet live on as we who shall live on as our children. Hear our voices across the sea and among the apples of youth. Receive this gift and show to us your favor.”

Chant: Mothers and Fathers of Old

God staves (Finealta) starts

Praise and Sacrifice


Have the people brought praise that the Gods may be honoured?

(Anfa Finn):

They have. (lead this section)


Are there sacrifices that the Gods may be honourd?

(Iolar Orga):

There are. (lead this section)

Divination: (Art Feruibe)

Oghma right word, bringer of the sacred ogam. We ask that you speak to us and tell us what the High Ones would have us know.

Mix waters: (Lyn, Paul)

Waters: (Noah) carries cups around, Bobby passes out cups, Paul carries bowl of waters, JD serves water.

(Finealta): Raise cup and say:

seo an uisge beatha

All: Seo an uisge beatha


Gods and Goddesses of our ancestors, rulers of these realms and the forces that fill them. We ask that you guide and protect, this, your Tribe as we journey now through the season of darkness toward the dance of light. May we continue to honor you and so receive your aid and favor.


If there are items to be blessed or consecrated, let that be done.

Candle lighting ceremony: (Saoirse)

Women may light their own candle, not male may pass into the hearth area and must pass their candle to Saoirse.

Waters of mystery: (Lyn)

Thank Gods of Tribe: (Murghail)
Face God-staves and say:

High Ones of our people for your many blessing and for your presence in our world and our lives, we thank you. Tapadh Leibh

All repeat: Tapadh Leibh

Ancestors: (Shaya)

Mothers and Fathers of blood and spirit, most honoured ancestors, we thank you for you’re your blessings. Be at peace. Tapadh Leibh

All repeat: Tapadh Leibh

Thank Oghma: (Reuladair)

Oghma, great champion of the people, for your protection and guidance we thank you. Tapadh Leibh

All repeat: Tapadh leibh

Thank Mannanan (Finealta)

Mannanan, keeper of the gates we tank you for opening the realms to our words. A Mhannana, Dùintear na geataichen. Tapadh Leibh.

Thank Brighid: (Anfa Finn)

Thank Fire/ extinguish flames: (Saoirse)

As these flames are here extinguished, may they burn forever in our hearts. Daigre, Tapadh Leibh.

All Repeat: Tapadh Leibh

Thank Mor Righan (Anfa Finn)


The High Ones have been honoured, the sacrifices have been made. May we go forth from this place as one people bound together by our ways. May the High Ones continue to bless and guide our people and each person. Na Diathan libh.

All respond: Agus leat fhin


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