Rite of Ancestral Healing

Rite of Ancestral Healing

The person I wrote this ritual for was experiencing problems with his body not acting as it should (sort of like a cancerous growth). The ritual would work well in any case where someone's body has been invaded by impurity, though, and the main thrust of it is a call to an ancestor to ask for that ancestor's help in purifying the seeker's body, along with a call to Lugh to aid in the process.

This ritual is written in an abbreviated format because it was originally meant to be done by only two people, and I was trying to emphasize the Working and de-emphasize other things, and generally speed things along. In the text, I've replaced the original person the ritual was done for with [Seeker], and his ancestor with [Ancestor]. If you ever do a form of this ritual, I think it would be best to use the full names (first, middle, and last) of each where possible. That's what I did, and it came out very powerfully.

* Gathering & setting materials up (fire, well, tree; symbolic spear of Lugh). (Making sure that all are familiar with the chants included.)

* Moment of Silence & Contemplation.

* Musical Signal: Three chimes. Procession optional.

* Opening Prayer: We are here to honor the gods, and to ask their blessings in return.

* Fire, Well, and Tree:

Fire: A small fire is lit in the cauldron, a candle if necessary.

I kindle the sacred fire in wisdom, love, and power.
Sacred fire burn within us.

Well: Silver is offered to the well and its waters are poured.

In the depths flow the waters of wisdom.
Sacred water, flow within us.

Tree: An Incense stick (lit from sacred fire) censes the tree, asperging too.

From the depths to the heights spans the world tree.
Sacred tree, grow within us.

The Fire, the Well, the Sacred Tree, flame and flow and grow in me.
In land, sea and sky,
All: Below and on high.
Thus is the sacred grove claimed and hallowed.
All: Biodh Se!
By the cleansing of water, and fire, let all ill turn away from me and mine.
All: Biodh Se!

* Outdwellers: A cup of ale is poured outside the ritual space, saying

You who come from the outer dark,
You who stood against the gods and man,
You who are cold of heart and cruel of mind,
Take this offering and trouble not our working.

* Bardic Inspiration: Lady Brighid ("breezh") is called and asked for inspiration:

O Brighid the skillful,
O Brighid of the triple spirit,
O Brighid who comes in light and shadow,
Thrice blessed be your flaming path.
Lady Brighid, share with us the flame of your spirit,
And let our words inspire
Lady Brighid, join us!

* Tree meditation: Grounding and centering with the energies of Earth and Sky.

* Opening the Gates: Manannan mac Lir is called:

O Manannan, Lord of the Gates, Lord of Wisdom, open the ways for us. We walk in your holy ways, we walk the Sacred Road. Share your magic with us, ward us as we walk in safety. Manannan, walk with us!

"Shoo-lin O Manannan, Walk with us Manannan" (repeated 3 times)

* The Three Kindreds: The Gods, the Dead, and the Sidhe ("shee") are called:

Gods -

Hear us, Shining Ones of eld, you who uphold the worlds.
In you we grow in wisdom, strength, and purity.
Honor us as we honor you:
Shining Ones, accept our sacrifice!
[Oil is offered to the fire]

Honored Dead (done by Seeker) -

Hear us, Old Ones, our ancestors and kin,
You whose blood flows in our veins.
From you we spring and with you we will grow in health.
Remember us as we remember you:
Ancestors, accept our sacrifice!
[Corn meal is sprinkled around the bilé]

Sidhe -

Hear us, Spirits of the Land,
You within stone and stream, beast and herb and tree.
From you we learn to live in harmony with our world, and ourselves.
Aid us as we aid you:
Land Spirits, Accept our sacrifice!
[Seed is sprinkled around the bilé]

* Recentering Meditation: Integrating the newly-present Powers.

* Statement of Purpose: The meaning and intent of the Working is stated:

We gather here this night to ask the father of the mother of [Seeker], [Ancestor], to aid him in purging himself of that which is unnatural, of that which is unasked for, and of that which is preternaturally harming him at this time.

* Invocation of the Ancestor of the Occasion:

[Ancestor], [term for ancestor's relationship in Ancestor's language], [relationship to Seeker] of [Seeker], is called:

[Seeker makes her/his own call to Ancestor, asking for the
exorcism of the unnatural, the removal of the malady, and the healing
of the problem. Honor is given, Offering is made, and Help and Healing
are asked for.]

* Invocation of the Deity of the Occasion: Lugh Lamfhada is called (words by Ian Corrigan):

Lugh, the Victorious,
We make our Grove under your shield,
O Lugh of the White Horse
And the Brilliant Blades.
You of the Perfect Form,
Child of Light and Shadow,
Slayer of Balor, purger of the unnatural, be in our midst.
Accept this ale in welcome
Lugh, Champion, King of All

(ale poured)
We make our working in the joy of the Samildanach
The Clever One, the Sure Hand
The Bard and the Smith.
May we be at peace
Under the hand of the Chieftain of Danu,
Taking joy in the protection
Of the master of all crafts at once
We offer this bread,
That the harvest may flourish
by the hand of the ploughman.

(bread offered)
By the Sacred Three of Glory, and By the Spear
and by the Raven
Hear now your people's call
Come, we pray, among your folk
O Lugh the Victorious
Our Light and our Guide
O Lugh the Victorious
Our Champion and Protector
O Lugh the Victorious
Our Savior and Healer
Accept this offering of fruit
And be present in your strength.

(fruit offered)

* The Magickal Working: The Invocation and Working is spoken:

Lugh, we ask that you aid the father of the mother of [Seeker], [Ancestor], in purifying him. We ask your aid in purging the poisons within him, in assimilating the lessons needing to be learned, and in healing the wounds within and without. Son of Cian of the People of Danu, and son of Eithne of the Fomhoire; Master of Light and Dark, aid us in this Working. Aid [Ancestor], aid [Seeker], and aid [Seeker]'s true Folk in this Working. Lugh Lamfhadha, Lugh of the Long Arm, Lugh the Champion of the Tuatha de Danaan, lend your Power to this Working! Let the purity of the blood of [Ancestor] be ever greater in [Seeker]'s veins, let the purity of the strength of [Ancestor] be ever fuller in [Seeker]'s body, and let the purity of the spirit of [Ancestor] be ever stronger in [Seeker]'s spirit. Let all impurity be banished, let all healing be invited, and let this begin NOW.

* The Omen: An omen is taken with cards or runes.

* Thanking the Powers: Thanks are given to the Powers in reverse order:

Each time we invoke the Powers they become stronger and more
alert to the needs of the Folk. But the time has come to end our
Working, and it is proper to give them thanks:

Lugh Lamfhada, go raibh maith agait
("gora ma-agit", we thank you)
[Ancestor], go raibh maith agait
Land Spirits, go raibh maith agaibh
("gora ma-agiv", we thank you plural)
Honored Dead, go raibh maith agaibh
Shining Ones, go raibh maith agaibh
Manannan mac Lir, go raibh maith agait
Lady Brighid, go raibh maith agait.

* Final closing: Deconstructing the Cosmos, closing:

By the Walker of the Ways, and by our magic, we end what we
began. Let the Fire be flame, and the Well be water, and the ways
between be shut. We have done as our ancestors have done, and as our
children will do, and the Powers have answered. Let us go out into
the world secure in the knowledge that our sacrifices have pleased
them and that we go forth under their protection. The ritual is at a

All: Bee-shay!


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