Proto-Indo-European Meditation Ritual

Proto-Indo-European Meditation Ritual

Begin by standing erect, but without tensing your muscles or locking your joints.  The idea is to be relaxed but ready for action.  Put your hands out like you’re preparing to receive something.  

Concentrate on your body’s existence and say:

Ḱi ɂesmi.

Here I am.

Settle in, setting your feet firmly:

Ḱi stistāmi.

Here I stand.

Envision the Xártus as a net connecting every event in the Cosmos, but not rigid.  It wraps about you.  Remember that it’s living and moving, not rigid.

Ḱi, Xrtū́ per moí.

Here, with the Xártus about me.

The net enters into you, flowing between every particle of your body.

Xártus mḗ ǵhéutor.
The Xártus pours itself into me.

The process is completed.

Xártus mḗ sáxyeti.

The Xártus fills me.

The Xártus strengthens all of your parts, filling them with life.

Xártus mḗ dhidhḗti.
The Xártus feeds me.

It is this strength that allows you to live.

Xrtū́ gwḗimi.
I live through the Xártus.

You are aware of your intimate involvement with the Xártus, your every action feeding into it and being fed by it.  

Xártum gwēimi.
I live the Xártus.

You commit yourself to continuing the process and awareness.

Xártum smē gwēyō.
May I truly live the Xártus.

And now you emphasize this commitment by expressing a wish that it be so.

Tód ɂestū.

So be it.

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by Ceisiwr Serith (David Fickett-Wilbar)


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