A Ritual for Solitaries

A Ritual for Solitaries

Submitted for the 2017 Liturgist Guild Yearbook. Written by Avery Jenkins and Converted from PDF by Willow Birch


Blow three times on the horn, or ring the bell three times, once for each of the Kindreds


Make an offering to the Outdwellers, saying:

You who hide in the shadow of despair
In the whisper of fear
In the siren song of hatred
Within and without;
I need you not now
I give you this offering and release the darkness you have sired.

(make offering)


Whatever is suitable.

Honoring the Earth Mother:

Earth Mother, naught exists without you.
What can I give you which none but you have made?
Accept my words and my praise and the song that I sing walking on your hills. And this; my sacrifice to you.

(make offering)

Statement of Purpose:

Today I stand before this altar, a Child of Earth; I come to make sacrifice and accept blessings. I invite all of my allies, those whom I know and those whom I have not yet met to join me at my fire.

Recreating the Cosmos:

Fire, Well and Tree,
I come to walk among you.
Seeing by the undying light,
Feeling water's cool embrace,
Reaching out to all that is.

(pouring oil on fire)

Fire's light shows the way,
Fire's heat transforming –

(silvering well)

Well's water, rising depths,
All that what may be –

(censing tree)

Branch and root, reaching, joining
Starlit passage without end –
Oh! Great cosmos, thou art me.

Opening the Gates

(this is written specifically for the Morrigan, substitute your own Gatekeeper invocation):

Great Queen, whose enemies fly before you,
Namer of heroes, granting glory and death.
Far-sighted seer.
Thus have I seen you; thus how I know you. Thus, Morrigan, I call to you.
Accept my sacrifice! Fill my hands with your strength and my mind with your magic so that together we may open the Gates.

(offering into fire)

Altar's flame to heaven's Fire
Let this Gate hold it's place above.
Well's water to Creation's tide
Let this Gate hold its place below.
Root and branch to One Tree
Let this Gate hold its place reaching all.
By the strength of the Morrigan and by my will and word, let the Gates be open!

Sacrifice to the Kindreds:

Shining Ones! Gods and Goddess of wisdom and light and strength
Come now to this Fire. Join me with no barriers between us!
I give this sacrifice to you.

(make offering)

Shining Ones, accept my sacrifice!

Noble Ones! Spirits of fin and feather and claw and oak and rock
Come now to this Fire. Join me with no barriers between us!
I give this sacrifice to you.

(make offering)

Noble Ones! Accept my sacrifice!

Mighty Ones! Ancestors of my blood and spirit, I am from you and of you
Come now to this Fire. Join me with no barriers between us!
I give this sacrifice to you.

(make offering)

Mighty Ones! Accept my sacrifice!

Key offerings

whatever the occasion warrants

Prayer of sacrifice:

Kindreds, I have given to you of my words and my wealth, as I walk the Elder Paths in your light, love and protection. Kindreds, one and all, accept this last offering to you! (make offering)

Drawing the Omen:

From the beginning of time, you have spoken.
Weaving light and stone into that which is and that which may yet be.
Heat and cold, light and dark; earth, wood and air are your words.
Speak now of that which I must see.

Receiving the blessing:

Gods and Goddesses, Nature Spirits, Ancient Ones, I stand before this altar, before you. You have received my sacrifice and offered your blessings in return.

I accept your blessings!

Take now this cup and fill it! Let it's waters shine the the blessings of ___, ___ and ___! Fill this cup to the brim with your wisdom. Fill it with the power of ___! Fill it with the power of ___! Fill it with the power of ___! Fill it with your words and let these waters be made holy by your strength!

Behold! The Waters of Life!

(Drink the waters while meditating on the meaning of the blessings you have received).

Thanking the Kindreds:

Ancestors, for your love and your protection, I thank you.
Nature Spirits, for your magic and your beauty, I thank you.
Shining Ones, for your wisdom and your guidance, I thank you.

Closing the Gates:

Morrigan, as I make this sacrifice, I call upon you one last time. Once again, join your strength with mine, your magic with mine, as we close the Gates.

Let the Fire be but a flame.
Let the Waters be but a well.
Let the One Tree be but root and branch.
Let the Gates be closed!

Thanking the Earth Mother:

Earth Mother, power of protection, power of sustenance, power of creation, I thank you.

And now, this rite is ended. Let all be as it was but that which was made possible by the workings herein.

So Be It!


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