Making an Elder

Making an Elder

A short ritual in COoR format to acknowledge the contributions of a community member and convey the title of Elder

By Kelli Hayward (Aelyn)

The Ritual

[Perform the 2 Powers Meditation[

Now let us enter the Grove whole of heart and like of mind!

[Enter the Grove/ritual space]

As the space is entered incense is wafted toward and water is scattered/sprinkled lightly from rosemary sprigs on the participants.

[Once settled:]

As our Ancestors once did and our children will after we gather to maintain our relationships with the Cosmos and all the Kindred within. One of our number has gained great honor through Wisdom gained and Knowledge shared. Today we honor their contributions. But first we must offer our Hospitality!

[Take up Offering to the Earth Mother and lift it so that it can be seen:]

Earth Mother! You who flesh nurtures and supports ours, from whom all comes and to whom it returns, to You we give honor and Welcome to our rite this day. Accept this offering and know our love and respect!

Give Offering

[Take up offering to the Sky Father and lift it so that it can be seen:]

Sky Father! You who sustain and connect us within the Cosmos.

You who flow in and out of our lungs like water on the shore.

To You we give honor, Offerings, and welcome to our rite here today!

[Give Offering]

[Take up Offering to the OutDwellers and lift it so that it can be seen:]

Those who wish us mischief and strife, those whose goals do not align with ours today, accept this offering of land’s bounty and leave us be as we work our rite. Outdwellers accept our offering! Take Offering to the outskirts of the ritual space and give.

[Turn to the Hallows.]

[Hold hands out to the Well.]

Behold the Waters of Rebirth, cool and healing. Let the Waters flow through us! Pour lightly salted water into the Well.

[Hold hands out to the Fire.]

Behold the Flame of the Heavens, bringer of creation and destruction. Let the Flame burn within us! Pour oil into the Fire.

[Hold hands to the Tree.]

Behold the Sacred Tree, who’s roots burrow deep and leaves crown high, bringing all that is sacred and profane together as one. Let the Tree grow within us! Pour water onto the roots of the tree.

[Pour mead as Offering:]

Wise Arawn, form changing Lord of the Otherworld, steadfast and true, guide our steps as we open the ways between the worlds. Join your magic with ours that we may work in safety and affirm our bonds with the Kindreds. Arawn! Agorer y Pyrth!

[Scatter cornmeal:]

Ancestors! Those of like heart who came before us and laid the paths on which we now walk, be with us, and share our joy as we rejoice in the return of the warmth. Be welcome at our rite. Ancestors! Derbyn ein haberth!

[Sprinkle flower petals:]

Spirits of the Land, you of seed and sky and all between, you who are our allies, be welcome at our rite as we honor the return of the time of growth and rebirth. Spirits of the Land! Derbyn ein haberth!

[Pour scented oil on the Fire:]

Shining Ones! Wisest and Mightiest! You who uphold the Order of the Cosmos, be welcome at our rite, as we strive to uphold our own places within it. Shining Ones! Derbyn ein haberth!

Children of the Mother! We have one among us who through their work, have acquired a wealth of Wisdom. Along with their Integrity, Piety, Perseverance, and Vision they have become a pillar of our Community displaying a wonderful generosity of knowledge and wisdom shared, contributing to the Fertility and Growth of those around them. Today we give thanks for their efforts. With this mantle we of the Grove, bestow the title of Elder. Let us now likewise give Offerings to the Kindred that they may know of our joy!

[Here individuals may give offerings on behalf of the new Elder and a large offering of oil and (blank) paper/parchment is given collectively to the Kindreds.]

And now as the gifts have been given, we ask that they are given in return.

[draw the oracle]

See these waters, and let it be the vehicle through which the Kindreds bless us with magic, abundance and joy. Ancestors, give us your Blessing! Spirits of the Land, give us your Blessing!

Shining Ones, give us your Blessing! Behold! The Waters of Life! Do all those here accept the Blessing of the Kindreds? (All: we do) Then drink and affirm the gifts our Gods and Allies have shared with us.

Wise Shining Ones, Noble Spirits of the Land, and beloved Ancestors, we thank you for your presence and all that you do. Kindreds Three, diolch i chi!

Arawn, wise keeper of the Gates, diolch i ti!

[Gesture to the Tree:]

Let the Tree be now but a tree.

[Gesture to the Fire:]

Let the Fire be now but fire.

[Gesture to the Well:]

Let the Well be now but Water.

Let all be as it was before save the Blessings and Love shared.

Caeed y pyrth!

Spirits of Inspiration, we thank you for guiding our words and actions that we act with grace. Spirits of Inspiration, we thank you!

Earth Mother, to you we give our thanks and return all that is left unused. Pour any unused water and oil out gently. Earth Mother, we thank you!

We have done our duty with joy in our hearts. The old ways have been renewed, let us go and keep them with us in all that we do. Let the Rite be ended!


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