Full Moon Healing Ritual

Full Moon Healing Ritual

We have written the following prayer for ADF Members and other interested folks to invite healing for those who need it.

We invite you to perform the following ritual at any point during the day of the Full Moon that is convenient to you.

To join us online, check out the calendar for dates and times.


Light a candle. Use a prayer or focused intention as you choose. A sample prayer is below.

Face your home altar or the Full Moon and focus on those who need healing. Bring your intention that those who need healing receive our blessings and the blessings of the Moon, the Earth Mother, and whichever deities and spirits you call forth.

Say a prayer for healing. A sample prayer is below.

Spend some time to feel the healing energies flow through the world to the people who need it. We invite you to experience this energy for yourself with whatever vision, feeling, taste, or however you experience energy.

Blow out the candle and know that you are blowing the healing energy to those who need it.

A Prayer to light a candle for healing by Victoria S.

I call to the Kindreds and the Allies of my hearth to join me for this rite of healing.

A Healing Prayer by Rev. Jean (Drum) Pagano

May the light of the Full Moon shine down upon us in blessing and in healing.
For those in need who consent, for support of those in dire need who cannot yet reach out, for ourselves.
Heal us of our infirmities, heal us of our maladies, heal us of our affliction.
Bring us all into the light of better health and better living.
For this, we honor and thank the Full Moon and the healing goddesses and gods of our hearths. So be it!

Video of the prayer: https://youtu.be/5v0y4fpOqrA


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