Baby Blessing

Baby Blessing

A group ritual to "officially” introduce a child to the Gods and Goddesses of their parents and grove, their ancestors, and the spirits of place. 


Incense, sage, bell, blessings cup, fire, oil, well, water, coin, matches, Ogham and book.
Seed ball, seeds, tobacco, wine, water bowl (filled from well)

Decorative Elements

Flowers, candles, colours (white)


Fire: Oil
Well: Silver
Tree: Seed ball
Ancestors: Tobacco
Nature Spirits: Seeds
Gods: Wine



We approach the sacred grove
With hearts and minds and flesh and bone
Join us now in ways of old
We have come home
We have come home

(repeat until all are in position)

(LEAD DRUID rings the bell three times)


Druids approach Altar and waif smudge/spritz water

Guests smudged and Spritzed by FIRE and WELL BEARER

Oh beloved Mother of all;
From whose starry womb the green earth springs
You are the Bearer of all Life.
We pray you bless and uphold this Rite.

(All kneel and kiss the earth)

EARTH MOTHER: So say we all.

ALL: So say we all.

Nurturing Father of all;
From whose breath all life is sustained.
You are both Guide and Guardian.
We pray you bless and uphold this Rite.

(All kiss hands and raise them skyward)

SKY FATHER: So say we all.

ALL: So say we all.

Nature and Purpose of the Ritual

We have gathered here on this day to ask a blessing on the newest member of our community – INSERT NAME HERE and their parents, and to acknowledge and celebrate the support of family and friends that have had and will continue to have a meaningful impact on their lives. We take this time to “officially” introduce this child to the Gods and Goddesses, our Ancestors, and the spirits of this place. We ask them, as we ask all of you to protect this life and to teach it during his many years to come. In doing so we bring together life and spirit, family, community and tradition and bestow a blessing and protection on this child until such time they are able to choose and forge a path of their own.

Creating the Cosmos

LEAD DRUID: Sacred waters of the deep

Riocht na farraige (Ree-okht na Far-Eggeh)
Deep connection to the under realm

With Silver, I beg thee open!

Sacred Flames of the hearth
Riocht na Tine (Ree-okht na Chin-ay)

Radiant link to the over-realm

With oil I beg thee open

Sacred tree that connects the realms
Riocht na Bile (Ree-okht na Bee-lay)

Plunge our roots deep below as we ascend high above
With Herbs I beg thee open

Bíodh sé amhlaidh – So Say we All!

Opening the Gates

Mighty Cernunnos, our portals open wide.
We beseech thee Gate-Keeper to grant us safe passage
to the other realm.
Open the way in peace.
Guide us to the hidden places.
Protect us on our journey and in our Rite.
So say we all.

ALL: So say we all.

Offering to the Out-Dwellers

Ancient Dark Ones,
You who dwell in the outer dark;
You who stood against the Gods;
You hold no power here! Trouble not our work.
Likewise, we acknowledge in ourselves
Weakness and perversity;
Hatred and spite;
Cowardice and ignorance.
We contemplate these ills
And for this time we set them aside.
So say we all.

ALL: So say we all.

Inviting the Kindreds

(ANCESTORS takes the offering of oil and places it in the fire)

We hear your voices speaking words of wisdom into our unconscious minds.
Your whispers awaken our dreams, our hearts, our desires.
You who are our ancestors, you who once walked upon this earth,
And were a part of our shared life eternal.
We praise you with all that is sacred in our lives.

(NATURE SPIRITS takes the offering of seeds and scatters it upon the ground)

Spirits of the land and place, creatures of fur, and flesh, and feather.
We call to you in respect and in peace. Ever welcome and ever revered,
We ask for your guidance.
Walk with us now as we cross through the gateway.

(GODS/GODDESSES takes offering of alcohol and pours it slowly on the ground)

Patrons and patronesses hearken to us, your children.
We call to you in the other realm in love and respect.
Join with us in our work.
May we know your presence within our grove.
So say we all.

ALL: So say we all.

(LEAD DRUID makes offering of fruit, cider/mead/wine)

Key Offerings:

We invite the gods of the Tuatha De Danann to our ritual and hope that they lend their blessing and energies to our ritual and to this child.

(LEAD DRUID place offering in fire)

Prayer of Sacrifice

Gods and Goddesses,
Ancestors, Spirits of Nature
All who come unto this Grove.
We offer thanks and respect for your presence and aid in our workings.
Accept these offerings with love and respect of we, your faithful children.
Guide us, teach us, help us to see and hear you.
Help us to connect once more as our ancestors once did.

(LEAD DRUID takes final offering and throws it on the fire)


Gods and Goddesses, ancestors and kindreds.
With great love and respect we have offered you these gifts and sacrifices
In accordance with our shared belief and tradition.
We ask now how they have been received.
Please grant us a sign of your acceptance.

(THE OMEN draws and Ogham, reads its meaning, and lays it against the blessing cup)

THE OMEN: We are gladdened by your pleasure.

Asking of the Blessing

(Parents bring the infant to the altar for saining)


Gods and Goddesses, ancestors and kindreds.
In the spirit of reciprocity, and in humility and reverence
we ask that you bless and protect this precious new family,
and especially, this child - INSERT NAME HERE
In the name of the Tuatha de Danann, and all the gods of your parents, nine blessings of matter I place upon you.
A blessing on your form, that it be strong and beautiful to behold
a blessing on your voice, that it be melodious
a blessing on your speech, that it be eloquent
a blessing on your means, that you may never want
a blessing on your appetite, that it be hale
a blessing on your generosity, that you be always hospitable
a blessing on your Integrity, that it be unwavering
a blessing on your life, that it be long
a blessing on your health, that it be constant
With the blessing of the gods, and all the kindreds, I place this charm of protection on
Between sole and scalp
between back and breast
between eye and hair
between arm and arm
protected shall you be, behind and before you
The charm of the gods above you, below you, and about you
Bíodh sé amhlaidh – So Say we All!

Affirmation of the Blessing

(AFFIRMATION returns the cup to the Altar)

Gods and Goddesses, ancestors and kindreds,
We affirm your gifts to us with love and respect.
We are ever-thankful for these gifts we have received;
May they carry us forward in our Rite and in our lives.
So say we all.

ALL: So say we all.


(play music - recording)

(Lead Druid says)

May all in attendance take a candle and gather about this child and his parents. Once gathered the parents light their candles from the altar, and then spread it through the crowd.

We light our candles in the light of this life, for it will touch each of us in a special way and each of you will touch his. If you will lend your will to the task of teaching this child then say

(Lead Druid) "My light will guide you..."

(ALL) "My light will guide you."

If you will protect this child from the storms of life then say

(Lead Druid) "My light will guide you..."

(ALL) "My light will guide you."

And if you will love this child, and accept its love in return then say

(Lead Druid) "My light will guide you..."

(ALL) "My light will guide you."

_____________________ you are surrounded by protection, hopes, and love. grow in the bounty of family, and community.

Thanking Beings

Hail and thanks to the Tuatha de Danann,
Hail and thanks to all the gods and goddesses of our people
Hail and thanks to the spirits of nature around us
Hail and thanks to the Ancestors who came before us
We thank you for your presence in our Rite and on our journey.
You are ever-welcome in our lives.
So say we all.

ALL: So say we all.

Closing the Gates

Mighty Cernunnos, all that we have done is by your aide.
We offer you our thanks.
Now we ask you to let the doors swing closed once more.
I ask for your help in closing the gates.
May the tree once more be tree, the well be water, and the fire merely flame.

Let the Gates be closed.

Close of Ritual

Earth Mother, you granted us this life
And we walk in your fertile bounty.
May we always remember to honour your gifts each day.
So say we all.

ALL: So say we all.

Sky Father, you sustain our lives
And we grow from your inspiration.
May we always remember and honour your gifts each day.
So say we all.

ALL: So say we all.

(The LEAD DRUID rings the bell three times. The ritual is ended).

LEAD DRUID: Our Ritual is ended. We thank you all.


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