ADF Subgroups


The Demeter and Eleusinian Order (DEO) exists to bring the teachings of the cycles of life, death, and life again as taught by Demeter... read more
The Order of Manannán mac Lir is focused on devotionals and rituals based on what we know of the Gaelic God Manannán mac Lir.  The... read more
The ADF Order of the Crane is an Order based on devotion and transformative work. The Order and its members will work to serve ADF by... read more
The ADF Order of the Dead is a magical-religious Order comprised of ADF members dedicated to reviving ancient Indo-European ancestor... read more
This order is dedicated to Oðin and Freyja. It will focus on devotional work for Odin and Freyja. The order will engage in magical and... read more

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