ADF Subgroups


Membership in the Liturgists' Guild is open to all members of ADF. Anyone who is interested in becoming a member of the Guild should... read more
The ADF Naturalists Guild exists to learn more about the land on which we live so that we may educate our groves and communities, to work... read more
The ADF Seers Guild exists to provide training and fellowship in the skills of divining and divination tools, trancework, and a safe space... read more
The ADF Scholars Guild exists to advocate and practice, as an integral part of our faith, scientific and scholarly research and debate... read more
The ADF Magicians Guild exists to study, practice and teach the traditional arts called magic, especially as practiced by the cultures of... read more
The ADF Artisans Guild exists to create artworks and other artifacts for use by ADF, and to promote training and education in the arts and... read more
The purpose of the ADF Dance Guild is to promote the performance and research of dance and movement within the religious practices of... read more
The Liturgists' Guild promotes the art and science of liturgy within the context of Our Druidry by providing a framework for the study of... read more
The ADF Brewers Guild encompasses the art of beverage fermentation as part of an Indo-European spiritual practice. It teaches members the... read more
The ADF Warriors Guild exists to serve ADF with members who are trained in spiritual, mental and physical defense, designing &... read more
The ADF Bardic Guild exists to promote excellence in the word: spoken, written, and sung.

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