Full Moon Rite

Full Moon Rite


Attendees are asperged as they line for processional. Sing We Are A Circle as attendees are censed/smudged as they enter the Nemeton.

Senior Druid: We come here to honor the Moon in its fullness, during its height of power. Called by what name you will...

Grove Bard (chanted after Senior Druid recites opening): Manni, Luna, Artemis, Inanna, Selene, Soma, Arianhrod

Senior Druid: (recited as the Bard chants)

You who silver the waves
You who brings forth shadow
You who are the keeper of magick
Cauldron of the Night, we honor you

All: Cauldron of the Night, we honor you

Senior Druid: Let the song of silver open our inner selves to magick and mystery as we close our eyes, and center.

9 bell chimes.


Grove Warrior:

To the ancient dark ones of strife and discord
As we acknowledge the darkness within ourselves
Accept this tithe and leave our work in peace.

Well, Fire, and Tree


Grove Bard:

Come we into the Well
The waters of creation, the well of wisdom
Let us pour our prayers
That the sacred waters may cleanse us
Of that we desire to relinquish

Water is poured into vessel that is passed among Grove members. The Bard leads the Well Song:

We pray at the Well of Wisdom
To cleanse us body and soul
We come to the Sacred Waters
That Your blessings be known


Grove Warrior:

Come we into the Fire
The flame of creation, the light of inspiration
Let us send our prayers
Of that which we wish to accomplish
On the sacred smoke of our Nemeton

Prayer strips are placed into vessel that is passed among Grove members. The Bard leads the Fire Chant:

Sacred fire and sacred smoke
Raise our magick to Those above
Hear our voices, we call to Thee
Bring us Vision that we may see


Senior Druid:

Come we into the Sacred Bile
The Tree of Life which upholds us through all worlds
Let us bind our prayers to its branches
Of that which is in our hearts
Let our magick travel through the boundaries

Attendees bind a ribbon onto the prayer stick that is passed among the Grove members while singing the Full Moon Chant:

We are gathered in the light of the Moon
We do worship by the blessings of the Moon
Full in Your journey, across the starry sky
Through Well, Fire, Tree, to You our prayers rise

Drawing Down the Moon

Moderately paced drumming.

Senior Druid: (with projection)

Great Orb of Night, we call upon thee
In our lives, bring us your mystery

All: Bring us your mystery

In our nemeton, be here with us

All: Be here with us

In our working, lend us your magick

All: Lend us your magick

Keeper of Night, we invoke thee

All: Keeper of Night, we invoke thee

Moon of Mystery, we invoke thee

All: Moon of Mystery, we invoke thee

Muse of Magick, we invoke thee

All: Muse of Magick, we invoke thee

Lively drumming and dancing as Senior Druid focuses and directs energy raising. Stick with ribbons tied on it is driven into the Earth at the base of the Bile at culmination of energy raising.

Blessing Cup

Calming drumming.

Senior Druid: We have come together on this e'en of the Full Moon, the night of increase, of magick and potential.

Let us charge and share this Cup of Blessing. As we stand here, united in circle, round as the Moon above us, may our magick be stronger by our bonds of unity, may our magick be radiant in the Silvery Light, may our magick be united as we take into ourselves the Mead of Mystery. Send forth your prayers and charge our cup with magick as it passes your lips.

Cup is passed as attendees discuss their magickal needs while visualizing and putting her/his goal into the mead, then drinking from it.

Personal Working

Attendees are instructed to do whatever personal work they will.


Senior Druid calms, re-focuses and re-centers the attendees.


Senior Druid leads round of thanks to the Moon for aiding the work and the attendees for gathering that evening.


Senior Druid: With our work being done, by the power of the Moon in its fullness may our magick journey onwards. This rite is ended. Let us come together and join hands as we sing Let Us Journey On:

Let us journey on
Children of the Earth
Carry the Nemeton's blessings
Into our lives and work

As we journey on
Children of the Earth
Let the Nemeton's blessings
Bring peace to home and hearth


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