I've been processing this since it was released, and I have to say, in the end, I'm disappointed in this.  Coming 36 hours after the events, and to be couched in such vague generalities leaves nothing but ash.  I expect more from my church.  The delay in response was excessive, and this was the response?    

I don't expect MLK levels of activism from my church, esp. outside of it's more environmental/Earth Mother focus, but this ...this was not worthy of us.  Or perhaps, we  were worthy of it.

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Rev. Jean Pagano (Drum)

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About the Author - Jean (Drum) Pagano is the current ADF Archdruid as well as a Senior Priest in ADF. He is a frequent contributor to Oak Leaves and he honours the Earth Mother and Manannan mac Lir is his daily workings. He is a poet and a writer and the author of Arise from Vapours, Willow Flow, and A Tree for the Earth Mother, all available at

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