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Half-stag, half-man, sitting between, between this and that, between this and the other, god of the gates, open the gates, Cernunnos who guides my steps. by Ceisiwr Serith (David Fickett-Wilbar)

Books: Gaulish Celtic Studies:

  • Ancient Fire: An Introduction to Gaulish Celtic Polytheism by Segomâros Widugeni: This is a go-to for anyone who is looking for a good introduction book to Gaulish polytheism.
  • The Celtic Gauls: Gods, Rites, and Sanctuaries by Jean-Louis Brunaux: This book is a short, but a condensed overview of the Gaulish Celts and their culture.
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By Trebomâros AuiganiThis ritual can either be done indoors or outside.  If this ritual is more of a family event or group event with children, children related activities can be added to the Key Offerings section, like the person performing the omen could dress like a hobby horse and present gifts to any children who are there as a symbol of the abundance of the land before or after the omen is taken.  This ritual can be performed either on December 18th (traditional date for Eponalia) or for Medigiamos (Winter Solstice).Ritual:Purification:Before starting the ritual, as people gather around the altar, light up incense and from person to person, in a counter-clockwise motion, circle it in front of each person saying:May all that holds you be released,May all the binds you be released,May all that enslaves you be released,Then, with blessed water, have each person dip their fingers in the water to rum on their hands and face.  As they do, say:So that you may be pure and true.Once everyone has been purified, have them gather around the altar in a semi-circle formation (horseshoe). Opening Statement:As the nights become long and the cold wind howls, we come here this night to honor Epona, horse maiden, sovereign queen.  She who rides the fields and the land, bestowing her blessings to the people and guiding the spirits of the Otherworld back to their holdings.  As we gather together, may she find joy in our celebrations and gift us with prosperity in the coming year as well as the protections of her warrior host on these long nights. Opening Prayers:A: Earth Mother: Chief speaks as the Sacrificer makes an offering of grain, bread or flour:Before we begin tonight’s festivities though,May we give honor to the first mother, Danu.Danu, beloved mother of allFrom whose starry waters the green earth springsYou who are the bearer of all lifeWe pray you bless and uphold this rite.All: Danu, accept our offering!B: The Bard invokes the Hearth, saying:Brigantiâ, Lady of the Sacred HearthVoice of the fire of wisdom,Voice of the well of inspirationCome into our hearts and sound in our voices. Brigantiâ!Let us ken of every good or ill,Guide our rite in the way of truth.We call you to place the clear heart in us,in this holy place, at this holy time.All: Brigantiâ, accept our offering! Grove Attunement:The Druids lead a meditation intended to attune the company to the Earth and Sky powers and to join the company in spirit. This might conclude with an intoning or a proper chant or hymn. Blessing the Hallows:The Druid stands before the alter addressing the group:At the dawn of creation, there were two fundamental forces, symbolized by water and fire.  The tension between these forces created life and thus, the world and the world tree was born.  Through these forces, life continues and within this space, we honor these forces for they not only give birth, but they also connect us to all of creation.An Offering of silver is made to the well, saying:O sacred waters that flow and swirl beneath all being accept our offering! Let us know the elder depths within ourselves the source of all, the well of elder wisdomAll respond: Sacred well, flow within us!An offering of oil is made to the Fire, saying:O sacred fire that consumes and transformsTrue and holy light of the Shining Ones, accept our offering!O sacrificed and sacrificer, let your holy flame warm our spirits and our lives.All: Sacred fire, burn within us!The Bile is censed and sprinkled, saying:O sacred pillar, boundary of all the worlds,Stand at the center of the sky,Stand at the center of the sea,Stand at the center of the land on which we dwell.Let us be deepened in your depthsRaised to your heightsStrengthened in your strengthAll: Sacred tree, grow within us! Opening the Gates:The sacrificer makes an offering to Cernunnos, saying:Cernunnos, Lord of the Deep Wood.Open the ways for us.We walk in your holy ways, we walk the Sacred Road.Share your magic with us and ward us as we walk in safety.Cernunnos, accept our sacrifice!An offering of oil is given to the Fire. The Druid then raises his hands and says:Now, Master of Ways, join your magic with ours and let the fire open as a gate, let the well open as a gate, let the tree be the crossroads of all worlds. Open as a road to our voices and to the spirits. Let the gates be open!All: Let the gates be open! Kindred Offerings:The druids make proper offerings to each of the kindreds, standing at the fire.Ancestors:The children of the earth call out to the mighty dead. Hear us, our ancestors, our kindred.To all those whose bones lie in this land, whose hearts are tied to it, whose memory holds it; ancient tribes of this place, we offer you welcome.To all of our grandmothers and grandfathers, our own beloved dead, blood-kin and heart-kin; ancient tribes of our blood, we offer you welcome.To all those elder wise ones who guide their people, poets and seers, judges, and magicians; wise women and men of ancient days, we offer you welcome.So, o mighty ones, we call to you as our kin, in the love of the all-mother, to join in our magic. Come to our fire, spirits; meet us at the boundary. Guide and ward us as we walk the elder ways.Ancestors, accept our sacrifice!An offering of food and/or drink is made onto the ground or into a shaft. Nature Spirits:The children of earth call out to the spirits of this land. Hear us, companions and teachers.To all our allies, kindreds of stone and stream, crystal and fertile soil, pools, and every water; kins of the earth, we offer you welcome.To all our allies, kindreds of the growing green, herb and flower, shrub and mighty trees, root and stem and fruit. Green kins, we offer you welcome.To all our allies, kindreds of fur and feather and scale, all who walk or fly or swim or crawl, we offer you welcome.So, o noble ones, we call to you as our allies, in the joy of life upon earth, to join in our magic. Come to our fire, spirits; meet us at the boundary. Guide and ward us as we walk the elder ways.Land-spirits, accept our sacrifice!An offering of herbs, flowers and/or trinkets is placed in an offering bowl on the edge of the ritual space, or if the rite is performed outside, scattered around the nemeton’s edge or hung on the tree. Deities:The children of earth call out to the shining ones. Hear us, eldest and brightest.To all the shining ones, first children of the mother, wisest and mightiest, loving and comforting; gods and goddesses, we offer you welcome.To the gods and goddesses of this place, ancient and powerful, known to us or unknown; Gods of this place, we offer you welcome.To all the deities of those here gathered, you whom we worship, you who bless our lives; o patrons and matrons, we offer you welcome.So, o shining ones, we call to you as our elders, in reverence and love, to join in our magic. Come to our fire, shining ones; meet us at the boundary. guide and ward us as we walk the elder ways.Deities, accept our sacrifice!An offering of scented oil is poured on the fire.After all the offerings have been made, the druids recenter the company and lead an attunement to all the spirits that have been called, and a proper chant or hymn is sung to the three kindreds. Key Offerings:Druid speaks, saying:The ways have been opened and the host has been called.  Tonight, we gather to honor she who rides the land clearing the fields and bestowing her blessings to the people.Epona, Lady of Horses, we call you!All: Hail!Epona, Queen of Sovereignty, we call you!All: Hail!Epona of the Fields and Stables, we call you!All: Hail!Epona of the Warrior Host, we call you!All: Hail!Epona of the Healing Wells, we call you!All: Hail!Epona, protector of travelers, we call you!All: Hail!Epona, Queen of the Otherworld and the Sacred Ways, we call you!All: Hail!Epona, Great Mother, we call you!All: Hail!Epona Regina, friend, guardian, guide, and teacher, we call you!All: Hail! May our words and praise be heard throughout the Realms and across the land.A horseshoe wreath of roses is laid out on the altar around the statue of Epona:These gifts we give to you oh Might Mare.  May these rose be a symbol of the love we share with you.A set of keys is laid out in front of the statue:May these Keys be a symbol of your sovereignty of not only the abundance of the land but the riches and secrets of the Otherworld.Pour Mead into a cup:And may this mead be a symbol of your Sovereignty as you share your gifts with the people as we gather in celebration of your Holy Day!Epona Regina, we honor you.All: Epona, we honor you!At this time, additional offerings in celebrations are performed (singing, dancing, possibly a ritual meal, etc.) Sacrifice and Omen:Once all the offerings have been given, or the meal is coming to an end, the druid chimes a bell three times.As we have come to honor the mighty Epona Regina, let our voices arise on the fire, let our voices sound in the well let our words pass the boundary to the Otherworld.Epona Regina, we give you our love, our respect, our devotion as we pray you...All: Accept our sacrifice!All are led to send their energy through the gates to the powers, meditating on the deities and the nobles. Then druid speaks:Having prayed to the powers, let us open to them, asking what blessings or wisdom they offer.Omen is taken as usual. The seer then interprets the omen, leading the company to contemplate the things they would ask of the powers, especially as suggested by the omen. The company then recenters in preparation for the blessing. The Blessing :Druid speaks:Ancient and mighty ones, you have honored us with your blessings.  We thirst for the waters of wisdom, the bounty of rebirth from the well of wisdom, from the spring of renewal, from the bosom of the earth mother. Hear us...All: Shining ones, bless us with the waters!We open our hearts to the blessing of the great one. We stand in pride, honor and friendship with all the powers of the worlds. Hear and answer us now...All: Shining ones, bless us with the waters!Ale is poured into the cup and elevated. Druid speaks:We draw blessings from the cauldron of blessing. We pour the ale of inspiration. Behold the holy cup of magic, the outpouring of blessing from the mighty ones. When we share the draught of the gods we drink in wisdom, love and strength to do as we will in the worlds, in service to the shining ones.Hear us Epona Regina and all the Shining Ones that are here tonight; hallow these waters! We, your children, rejoice in your gift. Bless our spirits and our lives with love, magic and bounty as we drink these sacred waters.All: Bless us with the waters of life!The cups are passed clockwise and all drank as a proper hymn is sung. Closing:When all is done, the druids lead a resettling, then begin to close the grove, saying:The mighty ones have blessed us. With joy in our hearts let us carry the magic from our sacred grove into our lives and work.Each time we offer to the powers they become stronger and more aware of our needs and our worship.So now as we prepare to depart let us give thanks to those who have aided us.Epona Regina, Might Mare and Queen,All: We thank you!O gods and goddesses of elder days,All: We thank you!O spirits of this land,All: We thank you!O ancestors, our kindred,All: We thank you!To all those powers that came and celebrated with us, we say again...All: We thank you!Druids renew the company's centering once more, signaling the return to common awareness and ease of access to the centered state. Then any unused offerings, return flow, incense, water, etc. is given to the earth, saying:Blessed Danu, to you we return all we leave unused. Uphold us now in the world as you have in our rite.All: We thank you!The druids go to the center and say:Cernunnos, warder of the ways, for your presence and power, your guiding and guarding we say...All: We thank you!Druid makes the closing sign over the hallows with the wand, saying:Now by the keeper of gates and by our magic, we end what we began.Now let the fire be flameLet the well be water;Let all be as it was before.Let the gates be closed!All: Let the gates be closed!Go now, children of the earth, in peace and blessings. this rite has ended!The bard leads a proper chant as the company processes out of the ritual space/Grove.  -Ritual outline originally from the ADF website:
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By Trebomâros AuiganiPurification:Before starting the ritual, make sure to properly wash and clean yourself.  Wear comfortable clothing, preferably with deep earthy tones.  When you come to the altar, light up the incense and in a counter-clockwise motion, circle it in front of you saying:May all that holds me be released,May all the binds me be released,May all that enslaves me be released.So that you may be pure and true.Repeat two more times (total of three) Honoring the Earth Mother:As you approach the altar, sit before it and breathe.  Offer steel-cut oats, or some other prepared grain, saying:Earth Mother, I honor you. I thank you for the continued blessing of life that you give to us all. Without you, life would not be possible.Earth Mother, accept my offering. Attunement: Tree Meditation:Perform the Tree Meditation, connecting to the earth below and the heavens above.  As you connect, listen to the sound of your heartbeat.  Once you feel centered and grounded, bow to the altar. Recreate the Cosmos and Statement of Purpose:Pick up the drum and hit it three times.  Light the candle and then start a stick of incense to bless the Sacred Hallows at the altar, saying: Through this fire, well, and sacred tree, I call to you Cernunnos,Lord of the Deep Wood, Keeper of WaysI have come here tonight to give offerings and celebrations.As the way opens to you,May my words rise on the winds and may they sound deep in the wells. Open the Gates:Give libations to Gatekeeper, saying:Spirit of the Threshold, open the ways.May your protection and guidance lead us true,Let the Gates be open! Invite the Kindreds:Raise your hands, saying:To the Kindred, I call on you tonight in Honor of Cernunnos.Light the Ancestor's candle as you speak:I call forth the Ancestors, those who have gone before, the Spirits of the Mighty Dead to join me here. Ancestors of blood and spirit, I call to you.Ancestors, accept my offering!Light the Nature Spirits' candle as you speakI call to the Nature Spirits, spirits of fur and feather, fin and scale, and skin, come to me now! Spirits who hold the sacred knowledge of the world around us, hear me!Nature Spirits, accept my offering!Light the Shining Ones' candle as you speakI invite the Shining Ones, You who are beyond time and space who have the ability to see all and advise in all things. I praise you for your knowledge and wisdom. Join me now.Shining Ones, accept my offering!Welcome, Kindred to this place in joy and celebration! Key Offerings:Take the drum and hit it three times:Cernunnos, I call to you.You who keeps the Sacred MysteriesYou who knows the Ancestral WisdomYou who are honored by many Cernunnos, I call to youLord of AbundanceMighty HunterGatekeeper to the Inner Treasure Cernunnos, I call to youLord of the CrossroadsGuide in the darknessTraveler and Protector Cernunnos, I call to youNourisher of the soulSage of the Healing HandsYou who remind us that we are both tame and wild These gifts we give oh Antlered One.May this whiskey be a delight to you as it warms the bellyMay this silver be a delight to you in gratitude for your gifts from the EarthMay this sweet bread be a delight to you, as it brings people together Ancient One, you who holds the serpent of Chaos, you who holds the torc of prosperityMay your presence bring wisdom, abundance, protection, and healing.At this point, any additional offerings (drumming, dancing, singing, etc.) are performed or presented. Omens and Receiving of Blessings:Take a moment, close your eyes, and breathe.  Let the incense continue to burn and sit in meditation.  Be open to his presence and gifts that might come from that interaction.  You might not see anything during the ritual, and that is fine.  At this time, take the Omen to see if there is any insights from Cernunnos. Affirmation of Blessings:Once Omens have been taken, Take a cup and hold it up saying:Cernunnos, as I stand here tonight, I reaffirm I vow to youKeeper of the Old Ways, I give my work to youKeeper of the gates above and below, I give my work to youKeeper of the Ancestral Wisdom, I give my work to youYou who heals the land and the people, I give my work to you And to you I reaffirm:I will walk in the wisdom of our ancestors,I will be true to my truthI will be an agent of truth in the lives of othersAnd I will be a vessel to bring your will into the worldAs long as the needs are met to continue your work. Myself and my work, I give to you, Mighty Lord.Drink the beverage in the cup Ending the Rite:As you set the cup down, close your eyes and raise your hands, saying:Lord Cernunnos, as we end tonightMay your light continue to be a light to the peopleMay your wisdom continue to be a guide to the peopleMay your protection continue to be a support to the peopleMay your generosity continue to be a blessing to the people. And to the Kindreds who have joined us tonight,Ancestors, thank you for your knowledge and sharing.Spirits of the Land, Thank you for your continued assistance in this realm.Shining Ones, Thank you for your blessings and Wisdom. Closing the Gates:To the Spirit of the Threshold,Thank you for your protection tonight.I now ask that you undo what you have done,Let the Gates be closed! Thanking the Earth Mother:Earth Mother, Sustainer of Life.All that remains unused will be given to youI thank you. Ending the ritual:As you stand at the altar, close your eyes and breathe.  Connect with the earth below and the heavens above.  As you connect, listen to the sound of your heartbeat.  Once you feel your connection to the cosmos, take three deep breaths while you hit the drum (one breath for one drum hit).  Set the drum down and walk backwards from the altar to where you performed the purification.  Bow to the altar.-End of Rite-  

Collection of various prayers and devotionals towards Gaulish gods and goddesses.  Any prayers that come in multiple languages will indicate that they do.

Singular Gods/Goddesses

Cernunnos (Carnonos)

Invocation of Cernunnos (English) – by Ian Corrigan

Deity of the Week: Cernunnos (German and English) - Birgit Reinartz

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Gaulish focused rituals from various ADF membersSeasonal Rituals and High Day RitesA Solitary Yule - Rev. Michael J Dangler, Three Cranes Grove ADFÎwos Eponâ: Festival of Epona Ritual - Trebomâros Auigani (Trevor Hanson), SolitaryA Children's Yule Rite (Gaulish) - Katherine PezzaMidsummer (Gaulish) - Kirk Thomas, Sonoran Sunrise Grove ADFMediosaminos, a Summer Solstice Rite in Brazil - EndoveliconMittsommer 2018 Ritual (English) - Birgit ReinartzMittsommer 2018 Ritual - Gallische (German) - Birgit ReinartzMittsommer 2018 Ritual - Gallische Herdkultur (German) - Birgit ReinartzLughnassa Ritual 2016 (German) - Birgit ReinartzGrove of the Red Earth Samhain (Acultural-Cernunnos) - Allen GrimSpecialty Rites, Ritual Fragments and Ritual TemplatesWaters Module (Gaulish Celtic) - Rev. Michael J Dangler, Three Cranes Grove ADFHouse Blessing: Anagantios Rite (Celtic Gaulish/Irish) - Rev. Michael J Dangler, Three Cranes Grove ADFGaulish Gatekeeper Chant - Ceisiwr Serith, Nemos Ognios Grove, ADFMeditational and Devotional RitualsCernunnos Devotional Ritual (Solitary) - Trebomâros Auigani (Trevor Hanson), SolitaryGaranus Meditation - Rev. Michael J Dangler, Three Cranes Grove ADFThe Marriage of Lugus and Rosmertâ - Rev. Michael J Dangler, Three Cranes Grove ADF

By Trebomâros Auigani


The following information is a basic primer to get people started with Gaulish Polytheism within ADF.  As time goes on, we will modify and add to this information as our Hearths grow and develop.

Déví Nemetoni: The Gods of the Grove

The Earth Mother: Danu, the primal goddess, associated with Europe’s principle river, the Danube.  Local river goddesses; where no Celtic name is retrievable, she could simply be addressed as Dévá, Goddess.  In addition, there is the personification of Gaul herself, Litáví.

Hearth Cultures: 
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[If you're using this rite yourself, make sure you've read through it and have necessary sacrifices. Note that I didn't include any sacrifices or offerings, because I think it's best if you choose how much or how little to offer. This entire rite can be done without a single offering, but, as Ceisiwr Serith says, "When we come before the gods, it is wise not to come empty-handed." You will need a few things for the rite: a representation of a tree, three votive candles (in holders), a vessel of water of some kind, something to drink from, and some way to take an omen. Anything else is window-dressing. The Patron of this rite is Sulis, a Gualish sun goddess, so don't be surprised if you find feminine pronouns for the sun. Many prayers (Gatekeeper invocation, song for the return of the sun, and the opening of the Gates, for example) are straight from Ceisiwr Serith's A Book of Pagan Prayer.]The Yule Rite:Enter Sacred Space, stand before the altar.State purpose: "Hail the Sun! Today I welcome you back from the darkness!"Fill the well, Light one of the three candles.Mother Earth invocation: (place hands on the floor/ground)I call out to the Earth MotherYou who support me.You who hold meYou who has birthed me and will once again take me.Earth Mother, in her daily travels, the sun passes through you.Her path has grown longer with each passing daySince the last Solstice, this summer gone.It is in your power to shorten this trailThe lonely one through your tunnels and cavesI ask that you hear your childrenAnd show her the way.Inspiration: (face the fire)Snow and ice have cooled our mindsCold winds have blown away our fertile thoughtsSilent nights have stilled our tonguesLike the bear, the fox, and the toadOur creativity hibernates without the warmth of the sun.Come to us now, Inspiration, as the sun returns!As the sun grows in strengthSo may the fire in our hearts!Purpose restatement: (face altar)"Today, the sun is renewed. The long descent into darkness is ended, the long night is halfway over. I look forward at this time, remembering what I have done, knowing what I will do. I make promises to myself and to the Gods. Most of all, though, I welcome in Sulis, the sun herself, and pray that the increase of her light also show an increase in my blessings. Hail the Sun!"Outdwellers: (face north and hold up your hands)From far to the North do these things come:Cold North Wind, biting and raw.Ice Storms, piercing and painfulSleet, Snow, and Slush, dangerous and underestimatedAlberta Clipper, snowy and feared.Lake Effect Snow, plentiful and inconvenientIn-Laws, We're not home!I name these things at this time, the things I wish to see less of in this season, and I set them aside.Attunement: 2 Powers meditation. You can do the standard one, or you can be a bit creative. As an example, I'm thinking of the Two Powers we all thought about around this time of year: the Naughty and Nice powers.Sacred Center: dip your finger in the well, pass your hand over the flame, and touch the tree. Feel the connection to each of the gates.Gatekeeper invocation: (face the well)Cernunnos, lord, sitter in the doorwayGod of equilibrium, terrible, merciful:You who hold the opposites apart,You in whom all opposites unite,My prayer goes to you to open the passageTo clear the threshold,To make the way clear.Opening the Gates:Open the wayOpen the wayLord CernunnosOpen the way(make an opening triskel over the Well; envision it as a gate to the Underworld)Open the wayOpen the wayLord CernunnosOpen the way(make an opening triskel over the Fire; envision it as a gate to the Upperworld)Open the wayOpen the wayLord CernunnosOpen the way(make an opening triskel over the tree; envision it as the crossroads of the Worlds)Let the Gates be Opened!Ancestors invocation: (face the well)I call out to those who came before meHear me, O ancestors!The sun has traveled through your landsIn an ever-lengthening journey.I ask that you remember the cold winters of your livesRemember the piercing windsRemember the ice and the darkness.Remember that your descendants feel this now.I call out to you, and ask that you join me.Together, let us encourage the sun to return,For she has traveled in your world long,And now it is time for her to travel in mine.Welcome, and thanks to the Ancestors!Nature Spirits invocation: (face the tree or open window)A child of the earth calls out to the spirits of this placeHear me, spirits of nature!Though it is cold outsideAnd many of you sleep beneath the groundOr in nests high above my head,I ask that you hear my voice,And join your call to mineAs I call the sun back to the skiesTo bring her warmth and shining loveFor all of us to feel.Welcome, and thanks to the Nature Spirits!Deities invocation: (face the fire)Your child calls out to you, Elder Gods.Hear me, O deities!The sun has fulfilled her old bargain,She has taken the long roads through the Underworld.She has distanced herself from the lands of the living.She has allowed the cold, the snow, and the iceTo gather about us, as you have declared she should.Now is the time that we may ask for her return.Tonight, we call out to your sense of justice,Your sense of love for us,And ask that you join with us in calling her back.Welcome, and thanks to the Deities!Welcoming of the Kindred: (place hands palms up before your body, smile, and shout)Welcome to my Ancestors, the Nature Spirits, and the Gods!Now, I ask that you join me in my call to the Patroness of this rite!Calling in the Sun: (facing the fire, and especially the two unlit candles)Sulis, Sun Maiden,Bright wheel in the sky!Hear me as I call out to youAnd pray for your safe returnAnd increase this solstice day!Six months ago, I reveled in your heightI sang in the fields as you rose,Strong and proud and full of splendor.Since then, I have watched you lessenUntil the equinox, when you gave summer to the Underworld.Your path has been long and darkBut you have lit the way for soulsWho have long departed this world.You spent time under the earthMoving through tunnels and cavernsEach day longer ones than beforeAnd my ancestors appreciate the light.But now it is time for you to return.You have not forgotten those still livingWho now need your light more than everFor our nights have become too long,Too cold, too quiet.It is right that you should return to us.So, O Sulis, Lady of the Sun,I ask you that you return to us,Bringing with you the warmthWe so desperately need.Find shorter passages through the Underworld;Take the fastest route back to us.Do not leave us to freeze in this cold winter.Sulis, with this candle lit, [light first candle]Find your way through the dark of the Underworld.Sulis, with this candle lit, [light second candle]Find your strength, and remember the old bargains.Sulis, the light of the world has returned!Final sacrifices: (if not making offerings, cut text appropriately)I have made offerings to SulisThe Deities, the Nature Spirits, and my Ancestors.Now, Sulis, I pray you accept my offeringsAnd that you bring the sun back for another bright year.Omen: (Take omen as you usually would. If all omens point to a positive outcome, use the following prayer of praise:)On the rim of the world, She is dancing.In Her bright robe, She is dancing.Young and lovely, She is dancing.Bringer of vision, She is dancing.Dance, Sun Maiden, into the sky,Bringing the day to those who wait for you.Return Flow: (elevate drink of water/wine/mead/etc., and speak)I draw blessing from the cauldron of blessingI pour the mead of inspirationBehold, the holy cup of magic!Into it flows the outpouring of all blessingsThe deities would grant me,And when I partake of the drink of the gods,I am accepting the power to do as I will in the worlds.(drink)Thanks and closing:Now, I close this rite.But first, let me thank those who have offered help:Sulis, for your power, protection, and returning light,I thank you.Deities, for your upholding the bargains,I thank you.Nature Spirits, for adding your voice to mine,I thank you.Ancestors, for giving up the sun and allowing the descent into winter,I thank you.Earth Mother, for showing the sun the proper ways,I thank you.To all the powers who have here aided me,I say again, I thank you.Finally, O Gatekeeper, I thank you, but I ask one final boon.Closing the Gates:Close the wayClose the wayLord CernunnosClose the way(make a Closing triskel over the Well; envision it as a gate to the Underworld)Close the wayClose the wayLord CernunnosClose the way(make a Closing triskel over the Fire; envision it as a gate to the Upperworld)Close the wayClose the wayLord CernunnosClose the way(make a Closing triskel over the tree; envision it as the crossroads of the Worlds)Let the Gates be Closed!Ending the rite: (empty all unused offerings to the earth, or into a bowl for later disposal)I return all I leave unused to the Earth.This rite is ended!The Sun has returned!

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