FAQs about ADF IRC

FAQs about ADF IRC

What is IRC?

IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat". It's a way for Internet users to gather together and hold group chats. For more information on IRC see irchelp.org

What is SorceryNet?

SorceryNet is one of the many IRC networks on the Internet. It's the one we use for our #ADF chats. For more information on SorceryNet, check out their site.

Why did you pick SorceryNet?

SorceryNet is stable (it's an offshoot from the venerable DALnet) and, most importantly, very pagan friendly.

What is #ADF?

#ADF is the channel on SorceryNet for ADF members to meet and discuss things.

How do I connect to #ADF?

You can either use our /forums/chats/irc/mibbit.htmlMibbit page which will connect you directly, or download and install one of the IRC client programs listed on our main IRC page.

If you're using a client program, make sure to connect to server (aka host) irc.sorcery.net at port 9000. Then enter:

/join #ADF

and it will put you in the #ADF channel (room).

Do I have to be a member of ADF to use #ADF?

Absolutely not! Our channel is open to anyone, ADF member or not, pagan or not. We want to use #ADF to help people understand what ADF is about, as well as provide a forum for ADF members. On a typical Sunday night, only a little more than half of the participants are ADF members.

When do people meet in #ADF?

We have weekly chat sessions on Tuesday nights 7 PM Central. At other times, you may find people just hanging out.

What kinds of things do you talk about?

The First Saturday of the month chats usually have topics selected ahead of time. These have included discussing the ADF Dedicants' Program, Indo-European cultures, High Day rituals, and many other topics of interest to neo-pagans. And have a guest speaker

Why does the chat start at 7 PM Central time? Can't you start earlier?

We have participants come from all over the United States and Canada. (Not to mention some from Puerto Rico, Brazil, and even Japan!) We need to have a chat time when most people will be able to take part. If we make it much earlier, our west coast contingent will be busy eating dinner or socializing or otherwise having a life. If we make it much later, our east coast contingent will fall asleep before the chat is over, and their faces will land on their keyboards, and leave those funny indentations on their cheeks. And we can't let that happen, can we? >8) The time we chose was a compromise, which will let most people participate. (And remember, it's okay to arrive late, or leave early. We're not picky.)

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