ADF Chatters

ADF Chatters

We host regular Internet chats, sometimes with guests and/or special topics and sometimes just open to whatever people want to talk about. All chats start at 7pm Central time, unless otherwise specified on the calendar. The purpose of these chats is to bring people together and let distance of space not be one of the heart.

To find out what time it is in your zone, go to and enter in Chicago for the event location and yours for what you want to convert it to. It will do all the work.

ADF members and non-members alike are welcome to join, and we typically announce topics for upcoming chats here on the calendar and by posting to the ADF-Discuss email list.

You can email suggestions, concerns, or requests to the chat team.

  • Text-based chats on IRC - Tuesday nights for open topics at 7pm Central, Wednesday nights for Norse/Germanic/Anglo-Saxon at 7pm Central, and Sunday afternoons at 1pm Central for the European Region.
  • Video-based chats Chat on Video - are on hiatus at present.

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